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    Valuable tips on skills destroyed after the Godness Destrucition

    Well, the game about 6 years and experience has taught me many things ... I'll list some upside to remember here now ...
    1 - BuffsO NOT use the Kiss of Eva buff is the most useless game. What is the usefulness? Occupy buff slot. There is no place under water it takes so long to get the clarification of the Koe ..
    b-DO NOT use Berserker Spirit nor any similar in chars TANKERS. Why? Because they lose esponencialmente P. Def and the percentage of DM ... ie, they are a mess, with very low P. Def and DM, and gain what they have is not worth ...
    c-NOT use "Blazing Skin" in PvP. It's like attacking a level 80 char with Wind Strike.

    2 - Never EVER EVEN give items to those who say "woman," unless it is a hot chick sitting next to the cyber cafe. 90% of the characters who tell the guy that "I am a girl and I need help" are shameless marmanjões bearded face in trying to outsmart you. Even my wife who plays L2 speech that is not man to stay by offering things for her ...

    3 - Forget about that "Such a class that throws another class and that's it." Today there are no chars "better" than others, and never existed ... it is belief. When I started I played Human Buffer, used to bow and lay DA ...

    4 - Never attempt to meet the Boss a level similar to yours without at least 6 players, and among them, a well-equipped tanker and a healer or buffer. If you kill a lot of Raid tenmha Figthers, take a high level mage that has to be amazing Fear them, because in 99% of cases they do not give Petrification.

    5 - If someone tell you that "Dye good tanker to have to give Dex" give him a kick for me. Tanker must have the maximum HP and Patk possible ... gives the DEX Evasion and Speed ​​in general, but the multipliers related to these tankers are very low status, and just not worth putting more apena DEX, but DEX TAKE add to STR and CON. The same is true pros tankers HP, which has that status even lower multiplier.

    6 - Make a dwarf. Even though the rate of the server is 10k, MAKE A DWARF. There's always some crap item that you can only donate or killing themselves behind materials and a dwarf to espoilear crqaftear or ... and also has another: on some servers the SS is so expensive that it pays to create a Crafter SS to make and sell cheaper than the shop to get to the tops, since the material does not need it, just crystal and Pray that purchase in the store ... hehehe7 - See Actioneer cities noobs to know the quests and do them ... have some that present you with weapons and armor. That goes for Low Rate servers. Example: in x1 rate, my wife got Top Grade In level

    7, telling that she started with 1k on bag (one thousand adena 1k. ..). A Full On Top Grade (Bronze Armor Weapon + Jewel + NG NG Fighter) is about 900k.

    8 - Never make enemies with whom you know is a friend of "big people". First because it is stupid, because it is totally illogical following. If you made the mistake of doing this, do not attempt to reconcile ... make friends with "one third" of the same clan and approach it as much as possible before talking to each other was nitpicking. Almost always work.

    9 - Do not be angry with the PKs. Some people are born naturally stupid and has a goal in the game just to win poontinhos PvP and PK, and this is clearly not the "moral" of the game, is just a consequence. Whenever somebody PKlizar give an answer to boot those two or three fingers, as if he cared to take PK. If mostree top and, more giving will not log "level 85 the character of a friend" to take revenge. If you can not go against an enemy, do not do this enemy. (Read tb Article 8)

    10 - Never give alms. About 75% of "beggars" are shameless that are just begging to get on top of the other ... are lazy that instead of leveling and battle are asking. I give Jail in as Admin who does this sort of thing.

    11 - If dropou, store to sell. NOTHING is garbage. Some things may be useless, but in all turns Traders Money: pieces of armor and weapons, materials ... and the latter, depending on what is, may be worth good money in selling to a dwarf ... I know people do just to pick up a dwarf or two specific items in the Spoil and makes a fortune so ... or people who crafteia the "item inúetis" to make crystal turn, that makes turn SS, which multiplies the money. Exemplinho: C craftear gloves of low quality (Chain Gloves) and crystallize them to SS can yield up to 3x the value of their own glove profit on the sale of the SSC ... BSSC if you can get to 5x its value.

    12 - Do not call anyone a noob, because beyond that you've been and have been a "P" of life for call you that, there is always someone who knows something you do not know. Nor do I know all of the L2, that I'm in this life for almost 8 years ...

    13 - Do not swear. Swearing in the Chat Window XP or do not give you enchant the weapon or armor for you to get stronger and kill the guy. Swearing, and a tremendous lack of education, is childish.

    14 - Respect the Admin because the Jail has no ward or sewer system of escape (reference to the series Prison Break)

    15 - Do not use bugs in your favor. If you find one, do some tests on top of it to confirm and inform the Staff Server. And care for anyone else knowing. Once you improve your server and gains the trust of the Admin, which is always good for the case to give some confusion.

    16 - Do not use Walker ... and a stupid (because the good of the game is EVEN leveling the char in the arm and battle for the items), on most servers is illegal. If you want to see a char without killing you shake it, go and stay in Lan House just watching others play. There is no merit in having a level 85 char is not you got 95% of the time it took to get to this level sitting in front of the PC (well, 5% of the time is when you let him follow his friend to empty the Party the bladder or worse ...).

    17 - Tip for playing with Archer / Tricster: RUN A LOT, GUY ... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! The worst thing you can do is to have player one archer and stand to make arrows. The only exception is when using Snipe, but only an exception because we have no choice ...

    18 - Tips for Tankers: Tankers Indian Ocean where the use of weapons according to the class ... Dark Avengers get along with Blunt because they are more successful hit, Elves and Dark Elves use a sword better, because they have more accuracy and the sword gives more critical; Warlords has nothing beyond Polearms, but it's always good to point out: Towering Blow and Wide Bow for Leveling and Critical Stun for PvP; Destroyers use very well the two-handed weapons in general (unless the arches), but the best option for PvP are the Big Blunts, because the Hammer Crush is a skill too effective to be forgotten; To conclude, the Kamael Berserker only use Big Sword, but that has Haste SA are more suitable.

    19 - Tips for Magicians: Please do not think the casting speed is more important in the status your character. Learn to weigh in the balance QoE he does best. A Spellhowler obviously gets better with more casting, but if it is to win EVEN puts MAtk more ... look to see how much he earns bonus with increasing INT Dyes or bonuses Sept. .. Spellsingers to the same, which has the MAtk below. They rather have to win in Casting, because that's what gives them advantages in PVP. And this applies to all chars. It's like saying to put DEX pro tanker (see Article 5).

    20 - Law ruler, do not stress. As the fellow forum OoAwaYoO, 4fun game is ... is not a battle in a parallel life. Do not stress with a game, because real life already has too many problems to worry about. And do not forget to eat, sleep and play sports to play. If you do not "waste time" doing it now will regret in the future. As Pedro Bial says: "Take care of your knees, because you will need them in the future." (Or something).

    21 - Basic course of the three "Bes" (TID) to be a great Admin:First: Be Trained> Train a lot to know all the classes in the game. Create a server rate x100 with GMShop normal. Create a char of each class (yes, one of each class) and let everyone at level 80 leveling. No bugs or anything, make them one level up in the arm. This may seem silly and take a lot, but you'll understand why later, do the quests with these Chars class which created ... is the best way to explore the world of Elmore-Aden ... quests also accepted that, even give a prize bad, do you travel a bit, so you proque discover new places and mobs. This is useful for Admins and Players.Second: Be Go (o) d> Fairness.
    That is what God meant when he gave humans free will: "Ah, then ate the forbidden fruit? So out of my garden." Learn to be fair, because power is in your hands. Stick to the facts whenever something wrong happens, ALWAYS ALWAYS THE SAME find witnesses and let the logs enabled server.
    They may seem like huge text files useless but can be very important in an audit. Be good with the players, and do not mistreat the noobs for not knowing things that only learn when someone teaches, do not mistreat the older players because they are arrogant, because you're the boss, not a tyrant, make rules, they show players and to be firm in decisions. If someone stole another player and the punishment is a ban on the account, be sure to give this BAN donator because he is or why is your friend, not "vote selling" the account because it will draw its authority and the players will find that you are a "capitalist pig who only thinks about money. 'Third: Be Fun> Fun. Make fun events that give prizes (and Fun is not a weapon +35 ... Fun is a new hat, cool accessories, pet ...), and make the event a fun thing.
    Just summon a boss and make the players kill event is not just because the players that they will organize themselves to the location on their own feet and kill the boss! Encourage them to work in groups until the time of having to kill to decide the winner.With training, impartiality and Relaxation, your server has no way to go to the hole. Player with Admin fair player is happy, happy player and helps serve.

    Now I'll put some considerations that players must take into account when they are on a server where you have many inexperienced players:1 - HOW TO GET RICH - Create two dwarves face. Upe the first and all categories of materials that can recipes up to level 20 and level 20, take it to the areas where recipes drop the SSD (mobs lvl 22 by Spoil) and make a drop. Turn it on and up to Artisan level 40 you will not worry with SSD, because any crap D Rides becomes crystal and therefore turns SSD.
    You will upload it to the 40 same, do the quest Warsmith and stop there.Then you will get the second dwarf and will ALWAYS upload Rides in areas where good materials for Spoil, it is he who will supply its Crafter materials. At level 20 you get equips the first dwarf and a bunch of SSD and the quest to do the Scavenger. Once you have completed the quest, do drop the recipes upa materials while not forgetting to pick up the BSSD. When you get to 40, make the Bounty Hunter quest and get the recipes in SSC and BSSC, in addition to materials, leveling up to level 52.Return all first pro dwarf and upe him "the Bangor" until level 52.
    With him on 52, get to the negotiating materials and parts of weapons and armor (Crafted Leather, Cokes, Varnish of Purity and Cord crafteia are materials that you are well and in any market, because they are based weapons and armor Grade C and above) . Gather dough and / or materials for a craftear DOOM HEAVY SET. With it in hand, both dwarfs upe until 62.
    At which point her Warsmith ready to make armor and weapons The Bounty Hunter and his level have enough materials for everyone to pick up these items.Many think that the item is giving Adena S. .. but actually what gives the same are, because it has more char level 61, level 76 doque Grade C with Grade B.

    The market has more armor than the S and give a larger profit by using less material and have a higher selling. The same applies to the SSs ... worth MUCH more to sell (B) and SSC (B) SSB because they sell more ... 99% of those with weapon A and S dwarf itself or has, or has the dwarf clan.Later you may see that it pays to have a Bounty Hunter from level 40-50 because some materials drop more in this level range, then try to make more of a "spoiler" when both are at level 55 dwarf. It's always good to remember that it is nice to find a friend who does this hand all together, then one uses the Spoil the Crafter and the other, and the two arrive at the satisfactory level on the third time, since they do not need armor for leveling TOP party.

    2 - HAS SUPPORT - Create a Prophet ... AT LEAST a Prophet. Have at least one buffer is essential ... because in addition to wheeze, you can negotiate for their buffs Songs / Dances / Chants from other characters. And there's one more: play with or Swordsinger BladeDancer is pretty cool when you discover the potential of both in PvP and Sieges. Killing in a Swordsinger Siege can be almost the same to take down the walls of a castle without Golem, and die for a BladeDancer is so "normal" as going to the canvas for an archer (taking into account that they both play well).In summary: Support chars chars in general are good, provided you know to use them!

    3 - OPEN A SAVINGS - Always save a quick buck. I, for one, always keep about 10% of that gain Adena trading. Why? Because it always happens to appear THAT miss a measly business and close it for you.

    4 - MARKET NOTE - When you're selling something, ask if someone has to sell and ask how much he wants. Only then put on sale, always by some 10-15% less than he. A great example is to find a server where Karmian Glovers worth more than a Doom Boots ... I already enriched by selling Gloves 8kk (a absurdio expensive) while the competition was selling the 15-20kk ... you have to always think of winning the quantity rather than price. Get in price when no one else has the item to sell, because then there will be no competition with that "win" at a lower price.

    5 - MAKE FRIENDS - More than this ... create a second family. How? Adopt a handful of beginners, but beginners REAL ... We know and you know you're getting. Besides you have the chance to create good new players L2, you may be surprised at the loyalty that these players have ... I myself "apadrinhei" many and never had any complaints since the first thing that I value are the moral principles, no I have never stolen anything or done anything like that, and whenever I come in lans where they play today they ask me where I'm playing for them to go too ... but not for them to go out of interest, if that's what you're thinking ... they are players that already has almost TOP playing in servers, but that would leave everything to the guys go play in another server, form a guild from scratch and put the veterans to run the server.I myself almost did it ... entered into an 8x server with 4 friends.
    Each created your char and a char Support. All at the end of one month, we were a clan level 4 with 10 chars (why not call anyone else), owners of a Clan Hall one of Dion and Warlord Warsmith 53 and a 58 (I), and they with Swordsinger 52 Paladin and 53, 54 and BladeDancer Spellhowler 57, 61 and Hawk Eye Warcryer 64, and Prophet 57 and 60 Bounty Hunter, all of (at least) C Weapon and Armor Top (Full Plate / theca / Karmian / Demons), but some ( as my WL, Bounty Hunter and Spellhowler) were Top B.

    All negotiated or Crafteado. That is, nothing that a (less than) half a dozen players can do ... and I know people (groups such as ours) who managed the top level and at the same time on a server with the same rate, but they play at home in comfort and do not spend $ 2.00 per hour in internet cafes as we .Organizing themselves and getting along with all staff do not have to go wrong ... and I still have an opinion more "upright" play on "double" may yield more. We tried to repeat the same pattern, but playing in pairs and trios. The "Up" was faster, but since I had little time for trading of items, we were all 60 + of Grade C in about 25 days played (about 2 hours per day on average, and two corujões of 8 hours each ) ...

    Then, in about 15 days, following the same average time, each made a spoil, and all catamos and craftamos The Top pros chars (except the very Spoilers). Some things (like some recipes / share) negotiated by drops (one of the guys came to drop a Doom Plate, we exchange the material with a dwarf equivalent to what he would crafteando with a recipe for a sign that he had not). This material was part of a Nightmare Plate which was stopped in my Warlord ... (If not quite understand this part, read item 4)I'm stretching and running away from the subject. What matters is: form a group and play group, because group always better

    45 minutes Dwar creating this topic, I will begin to move this area. Reinforcing this was not copied. Excuse my use Google translator for both English.
    (almost anything, depending on the direction or double meaning ... XD)

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    lol wonderful job man, you deserve my thanks

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