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Thread: Tips for CS!

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    Exclamation Tips for CS!

    Tips on weapons:

    Guns: It is advisable to use the Desert Eagle pistol. This gun has a magazine with seven bullets, however, each bullet takes life equivalent of a rifle.
    Snipers: They are the best to protect certain parts of the map. NEVER rushe using a sniper. Remember that the AWP kills with 1 shot
    (If on foot, with 19 leaves of life) who is able to cross two boxes.

    Ak-47 or Colt? There is no such bid which is better. Each person identifies better with one. The shots easily cross one box and remove
    much damage, but you need to know to properly use.
    SMGs: We say that is the middle ground between using a pistol and a rifle. Always use the MP5.


    When shooting: try to give 3 in bursts of three shots. This makes the gun did not go up and you hit more than shoot without stopping.
    When aiming: try aiming for the chest up. These are the regions that inflict greater damage.
    When walking: try holding the Shift. This means that you do not make noise while walking.
    When shooting: NOT always running. This makes your shots become unmanageable and you will not hit anything. DETAIL: This does not mean
    you stand for. Try walking from one side to another (zigzag) because if you are stopped, you're an easy target.

    Making money:

    Hostage rescued: who bought $ 1,000 and $ 150 for others.
    Use a hostage: $ 150 for those who used, $ 100 for others.
    Killing a hostage: $ 1500 for those killed.
    Killing an enemy: $ 300.
    Killing a friend: $ 3,300.
    Winning killing in a bomb scenario: $ 2,500 for all.
    Winning against a backdrop of killing a hostage: $ 2000 for all.
    Winning exploding a map: $ 2,750 for all.
    Winning disarming a bomb: $ 2750 for all.
    Winning rescuing hostages: $ 2,000 for all.
    Losing round: $ 1,400 for all.
    Losing more than two consecutive rounds: $ 1,400 +500 per round (maximum $ 2,900).

    Tips on maps:

    FY_ maps are small battles faster.
    The arms are already located on the floor. It is only recommended the use
    the awp if you're quick.

    DE_ are maps where TR is the purpose of planting the bomb
    and CT have to disarm the C4. Remember that complete the objectives,
    both CT and RT, makes the team win the round and a cash bonus.

    CS_ are maps where the goal of the CT's is to rescue the hostages.
    If you are a CT, stay tuned, the TR's custom has from camping near

    AS_ Maps where you have to rescue the VIP'S ...
    These maps are little used lately.
    It is essential to use such weapons in AWP because it has
    many high places.

    AWP_ maps good for both teams, which has
    to get the AWP'S on the floor and kill the opponent.
    The maps have enough boxes and obstacles ahead.
    Those who earn this map are the fastest.

    KA_ Maps where you use a knife and the teams are in
    places with little space, style arena.

    Source : Projeto CS

    Sorry for the terrible English, was translated google translator!

    by GMX9

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