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    Re: [Sell] Hades - Royal Server - Updated. (English Language)

    Hi to everyone.


    Today i want to share with you my own Updated Version of the Royal Metin2.

    This version comes with a lot of changes.

    The server was translated full in english language.

    Interface images was translated too with some little changes.

    The quests are translated too, a lot of them was updated.

    I think it's possible to be the last update, because i'm busy with my own project.
    Youtube Presentation:

    A little Presentation:
    Files Preview:

    Skype: gurzau_ionutz


    A lot of people ask me for a version without viruses and bugs solved.

    In this version the bugs / turkey backdoors or commands / some crash cores was solved.

    Some new features was added.

    If you are interested about this server, please read the full topic.

    For more details you can contact my on Skype.


    What's the new features of this version ?

    - The old loading images was changed.

    - All viruses have disappeared.

    - A new version of Config.exe was added. It's in english language and works perfect.

    - Server comes with the standard keys, you can work easly and crypt your game in your own way.

    - Wild Fantasy protection was Disabled. / Check files protection from root was Disabled too.

    - All systems was translated.

    - Source / Client / Server / Quests /Interface / Protos / Itemdesc -> Translated.

    - All Backdoors was deleted from Source.

    - 7 Crash core or more was Solved.

    - Pet system was updated, some interface bugs was solved and the feed with weapon window was deleted.

    - Title system.

    * Disable title option was solved.
    * Required potions to buy a title was solved.
    * Interface open duplicate bug was solved.
    * In Store Shopping window was solved the problems with movable objects from interface.

    - 6/7 Bonuses

    * 6/7 Bonuses was added.
    * The Crash core was solved.
    * New options in channels CONFIG : attr_rare_enable: 0/1

    - Another options from CONFIG

    * ATTR_ALWAYS_ADD: 0/1
    * ATTR_ALWAYS_5_ADD: 0/1

    - Sash System

    - Visual Sash Models BUG was Solved.
    - Absortion rate was solved.
    - Fine cloth quests, was changed.
    - Another function in C++ for /item was added for Sash.
    - Now you can set the absortion for a sash with the second argument.
    - Bonus absortion window works now.

    - Animated Weapons

    * The whole function was changed from Source.
    * I used my own function, now you have the animated weapons as costume weapons.
    * Now you can have in your server how many sets of items you want.
    * The Fan bug on Horse, was solved too.
    * Bonuses & Time are working corectly.

    - Quets

    - Some new quests was added.
    - And some old useless quests was deleted.
    - The important quests was translated in english language.

    - Bonus Page

    - The old bonus page was deleted.
    - The new one can be opened from character window.
    - Bonuses appear in english language.
    - All bonuses appear in real time.

    - Offline Shop

    - The unlimited time options was changed from source / client / server.
    - 8 Hours instead of unlimited.
    - You can make a lot of setting from channels CONFIG.
    - Interface window was addapted too.
    - Offline shop was translated in english language too.

    Gold Bars.

    - The quets was changed and translated.
    - They are in full english language.
    - Yang amount was solved.
    - Protos & Itemdesc changed too.

    Online Friends System.

    - The stucked window after teleport was solved.


    - The sidebar was added.
    - Sidebar bug on teleport was solved, now the interface will be closed on update.


    - Now when you make a screenshot you will find a message on chat.

    Recycle Bin

    - Now the recycle bin window have a close button.

    Group System.

    - Window was translated.
    - Chat messages was translated.
    - Messages Box was translated.

    - Dump Proto Source

    - Dump Proto source was added.
    - The mobs texture was solved.

    Change race

    - Another function was added in C++.
    // Change race into warrior was solved.


    * Dash with 3x DMG was solved.
    * Inventory takes always 2 keys, the exploit was solved. // Credits to meleme18.
    * Change empire quets was solved.
    * The Epic Sura sword drop bug was solved.
    * Immune bug fixed.
    * Messenger Exploit Solved.
    * API Tool Solved.
    * Cube solved.
    * Costume Solved.
    * PvP CrashCore Solved.
    * 6/7 CrashCore Solved.
    * Drop CrashCore Solved.
    * Info Target CrashCore Solved.


    - Items will dissapear after 5 seconds.
    - New Restriction when you are using quests.
    - The required mana for your horse was changed.
    - Now you can summon horse without mana and without chance to summon.
    - Soul Stone to make all skill G1.
    - Rainbow Stone to make all skills P.
    - Kill / Kick / Mute on the players target from staff accounts.
    - Harm commands quest.
    - GM stats quest, the cooldown bonus was added to.
    - Autopotion on the next level was deleted from source.
    - Emotions without Mask.

    Server Welcome

    * Full PVM set equiped from start.
    * New quest for start.
    * Now you will have all secondary skills from start.
    * Lv. 21 Horse from Start.

    Last Updates

    - Equiped costume weapons exploit with safebox solved.
    - Dungeons Translated in english language.
    - Razador level required is set to 90 now.
    - Now you don't need an item to enter to Razador.

    - Now you can compile all quests with "make" command.
    - Now you can compile quests from their own folders.
    - If you want to add more quests you can do it from quest_list.

    - Login / Create / Select / Empire Interface changed.

    - Mapnames update with english language.

    - Drop stones disabled from source.

    - 1x SS = 1x G1 Skill.

    - 1x Rainbow Stone = 1X P Skill.

    - Spider Caves / Grotte of Exile, added to TP Ring. / Grotte of Exile now you can enter just from Lv. 75.

    Second Version :

    * [Problems Solved]
    --- | Title System - real bonuses value solved from Source.
    * [New Updates]
    --- | New pet system got 3 new pets: Dragonette / Meley / Hydra.
    --- | Pet Bonus : PV / Attack Damage / Strong against monsters.
    --- | All : Monkey, Spider, Razador, Nemere, Dragonette , Meley , Hydra.
    * [New Systems]
    --- | Private Message.
    --- | Now the Level / Hour are appears in PM.
    --- | Color can be changed from python function.
    --- | Paste Link in chat.
    --- | Dice System.
    --- | Enable / Disable Comamand : /dice_system <0 or 1> (1 to disable).
    The second version isn't ready for sell.

    I will think about a price for the version of new features.

    I will told you the price when the latest version is uploaded.

    Here are the new server updates.

    Service.h from Server Source:

    Locale_inc.h from Binary Source:


    Price fixed.

    All updates are done.

    Files are without homepage & item-shop.

    For more details contact me on skype : gurzau_ionutz.

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