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    Talking How to be nobles xD ( Quest for C6 )

    English version.


    Prerequisite: Subclass level 50

    Materials Required: 1 Hellfire Oil, 5 Lunaragents (supplier of Reagants quest, you already know it did because the subclass, get in the basement of Ivory Tower with Trader Wesley)

    The quest starts with Talien, he's on the steps of the Church of Aden on the left who goes to the city center (toward the monument of Heroes)

    (/ Target Talien if you do not think). Take the quest with him. He tells you to go talk to Gabrielle Giran.

    Teleport to Giran. Contact Gabrielle, who is at the south exit toward the city square.

    Go to entrance of Dragon Valley (even walk out of giran north, pass through death). And talk Gilmore (undead if his side won the seven signs you can teleport straight there).

    He asks you to kill Baharam
    Teleport to Dion. (Hint may be where the races take place tbm, gets much closer). Beehive is in a cave where you will find Baharam (jellyfish) with various basliscos (quest monsters) kill everything. You'll get the quest item.

    Re Aden to talk Talien.

    Teleport to Saints Necropolis, escape and go to Heine. Then go to the magic trader and talk to Melody Maestro dwarf that is there. (Always clicking quest).

    Then go back to Giran. Go to Dragon Valley to the west (through DV) and kill Malruk Malruk Succubus and Succubus Tauren until you get the 10 claws (quest item that asks the conductor). You will kill many to achieve the 10 claws grab the chance to drop the quest item is very low. It is the last hit that matter (if you're in a party), and that is the chance to drop even lower.

    Return to Heine and speak with the dwarf again.

    Teleport back to Aden. And talk Talien.

    He will send you to go to Hunter Village ... Once there speak with Master Stedmiel.

    She will give a book:

    After receiving Again go to Aden and talk Talien.

    After Rune, and thence to Rune Caslte Town Temple.

    Once there use the GateKeeper to Rune Temple.

    Then Rune Guild.

    Run up to the temple to find Virgil (/ target Virgil). He is one of the 3 npc behind a counter.

    Keep well this place because they have to come back here in quest of other nobility.

    Talk to him and then with the other two NPCs, one of them is his granddaughter.

    Then go to the Grand Master Rahorakti.

    Teleport to Rune Castle Town Guild. Teleport right back to Rune Castle Town Store and you will be the next gatekeeper.

    Teleport to Western Entrance of the Swamp of Screams. And kill Spilnter Stakato Drones, they have magic resist and archer resist attack. And make you bleed (bleed). If you are not able to do this alone go party, all mobs are aggressive. Even the scheme of succubus, is annoying to drop the quest items you need here. You have to get crimson moss, when you get back to the 5th NPC in Rune Guild and he will give you the medicine (medicine).

    Teleport to the temple again. And talk to the girl.

    Then talk again with Virgil. And he will send you to Goddard to talk to Caradine.

    Teleport there. It lies northwest of GK on the outside of the square of GK. (For lack of better terminology, is within the city and you can always use the / target)

    Talk to Caradine and she will send you to the blacksmith (Noel).

    He will say he needs one hellfire oil and 5 lunaragents (quest supplier of reagants).

    Here's a little help for the preparation of items:

    You need

    1 Hell Fire Oil:
    To make one Hell Fire Oil you need
    1 Fire Essence and 1 Demonic Essence.

    Fire Essence:
    To make 1 Fire Essence you need
    Dust and Magna 10 Sulfur 1.

    To make 1 Magna Dust you need:
    10 Lava Stones, 1 Volcanic Ash. (10 Magna Being Dust of 100 then you need Lava Stones, 10 Volcanic Ash.)

    Demonic Essence:
    To make 1 Demonic Essence you need
    10 Demonplasms and Sulfur 1.

    To make 1 Demonplasms you need:
    10 Bloods and 1 Demon's Blood Root. (Being 10 demonplasms then you need 100 Demon's Blood Root Bloods and 10.)

    You also need
    5 Lunargent:
    To make one you need Lunargent
    10 Moon Dust and 1 Quicksilver. (Being 5 Lunagert you then need 50 Quicksilver Moon Dusts and 5.)

    Moon Dusts:
    To make one you necesista of Moon Dust
    10 Moonstone Shards, 1 Volcanic Ash. (Being 10 Moon Dust then you need 500 and 50 Volcanic Ash.)

    500 Moonstone Shards.
    Demon's 100 Bloods.
    100 Lava Stones.
    Volcanic Ash 50.
    10 Blood Root.
    QuickSilver 10.
    Sulfur 2.

    After that light up the cauldron and obs that everything must be prepared in grade 1 * Slamander

    To get the ingredients you should go to the 5th and the 9th Floor of Tower Of Insolence.

    Take them and go back in there and then the blacksmith Caradine and finish the quest.

    You will gain experience and a letter from Virgil (Virgil's Letter). Saying that Virgil needs your help!

    Congratulations you have completed the first part of the quest to become noble. Go to Virgil and you will get part 2.

    Path of Noblesse - Possessor of Precious Soul 2


    You quest must be completed before beginning the third part of the Path of Nobility.

    It starts at Level

    Location Home
    Rune Castle Town

    Experience, Ability to become Noble


    Prerequisites: Subclass level 60, have completed the Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul 1.

    Make using the sub class quest, all dialogues need to be made with the sub-class.

    Remember, Virgil needs your help right now. So why are you not there yet? Starting the quest (Rune Castle Town, teleport to the temple). Virgil needs your help. Help her!

    Contact Virgil, then with Kassandra and then with Ogmar.

    They will speak to investigate just east of Swapm of Screams (best path and Goddart, exit north, following the road north of Varka to the point marked on the map.).

    Getting there and examine the dead angels speak to the black knight. He says he tried to save the princess and had to kill all those angels. Examine the bodies of angels. Talk to the NPC again and he will speak to Witch Calis to look south of the Ivory Tower, she asks him to do a favor for a spell to find the princess.

    She will talk you need supplies for your magical work. Run up the Alchemist Matild west (across the river) and go back to Calis.

    She will tell you to go to the Valley of the Saints find a cave, is marked on the map the cave entrance is south of the yellow dot on the map. Kill the Quest Monsters to get 4 orbs.

    There is a unicorn lying and four pedestals, place the orbs on the pedestals they disappear quickly and release them the Unicorn (if you do not quickly return the pedestals and you have to get more orbs). Contact Unicorn, he returns to life and is in fact a 'princess'. Return to Kassandra!

    After talking with Kassandra you get experience and Caradine's Letter that you use to start the 3rd part of the quest when you reach level 65 in the sub class.

    Congratulations won another stage, you're almost convincing me to be a nobleman.

    Path of Noblesse - Possessor of Precious Soul 3 (last part by saying)


    You quest must be completed before beginning the fourth part of the Way of the Nobility and becomes noble.

    It starts at Level

    Location Home
    Goddard Castle Town

    Experience, Ability to become Noble

    Prerequisites: Subclass level 65, have completed the Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul 1 and 2.

    Talk to Caradine in Goddard Castle Town. You found the princess weak and she needs special items to have the power to break the curse. Hahu and only you and only you can take these items for her.

    Speak after the NCP next to Caradine, he'll tell you to go back in Valley of Saints to get 1 ring and 1 necklace.

    Mate Shine for Pilgrim of the ring (he is in a group of 3, go buffado with protection against magic and fire resistance if possible) and Shine for Judge of the necklace. Tip asceclas the first mate of mobs and then leading them drop easier, I have no idea why. The Pilgrim are to the south of the valley and the Judge to the Northwest. Kill them to drop the 2 items.

    Go back and talk again with the NPC's side and he will talk to Caradine go kill Barakiel in Valley of Saints (to get there follow the south to the far east, down near some Quest Monsters (Angels) and head towards the brand until you find the cave entrance). You need a good party to get the Staff (quest item missing).

    Soon after go to Ivory Tower on the 4th Floor and talk to Ladd:

    Once you have the item back to the NPC q sent him there. You will receive a letter and experience to do the quest part 4 of the nobility.

    Path of Noblesse - Possessor of Precious Soul 4

    In part 4 you arrive at lv 75 from sub class, go to Caradine, Goddart town, talk to her, she teleports you to somewhere near the Coliseum and the lake itself Eva, Goddess of the Waters transforms him into Noble, giving crowns and related .

    Thanks "Haduken" for the guide. Original post are in portuguese and have some other informations but i belive with this u can do the quest.
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