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    Realm of the Mad God

    I've been learning how to memory hack recently, but I'm in over my head with this game, I'm afraid. The source code is obfuscated, for starters, so it's difficult to understand. Also, portions of the code are written to crash Sothink SWF Decompiler (specifically action/com/company/assembleegameclient/game/gamesprite and action/com/company/assembleegameclient/objects/gameobject). However, I was able to get this code by using's handy online decompiler. I'll have to import that code into SWF Decompiler so I can see the corresponding raw code.

    The main issue is that there is some sort of cheat handler function that needs to be disabled. This function was identified in a previous build of the game (see ... d-god.html), but I'm having difficulty finding it in this new build (104.2).

    One hack from that blog still seems to work without triggering the cheat handler function:
    //Disable enemy shooting/damage - Must replace at title screen - Build 104.2 NEW
    Search for: 66ff044fb60c05d06626
    Replace with: 66f5014fb60c05d06626
    Datatype: hex-values

    My request is primarily that someone identify the cheat handler function in this latest build. I know how to NOP it from there, and I'd be free to mess around with some other functions then.

    Thank you!

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