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Thread: Hunter tutorial

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    Hunter tutorial

    Only with the strength of their forefinger and stability of their hands, marksmans can achieve their enemies from a great distance. His incredible range allow them to achieve their enemies often before even being touched.

    Keyword: Distance

    General information about hunters:

    * Excellent AoE's and Range
    The Talent Tree is the most popular for hunters bomber, but this tree focuses AoE'se AoE's do not make much difference in PVP single target but are very useful in massive PVP, so the arena, especially a Burst 6x6 MM can make all the difference while a single target PK in open world will have no difference, besides the fact you can use the map to your advantage by keeping away from the target more easily and thus try to get the max HP of the target before he c q approach, in high lvl they win too stun, there is possible to deliver some attacks to generate orbs of Wrath, then stun the target, trigger the skill of speed to collect all orbs while the target is stunned, thus filling the bar to get Wrath of the Red Hand and after getting red Hand (RH) kill your target very easily with just a few more hits, td would be great if hunters had only advantages like these, but despite all this violence in the heart area they also have:

    * Low Def / * Low HP
    Because of this, the arena 90% of the time they are the first targets, it is easy to kill them. Often they are dead even before the priest, also because they know that if they leave us free, in a short time will cause damage in its absurdity PT using their devastating AoE's. They do not have an emergency resources to preserve their lives like the Ice Barrier of the Magi, Bound Martyrs, Stealth of the executioners etc, only what they can do in emergencies is to use your speed to 2 skills which fortunately are still available at low lvl so in PVP they spend so much time running, or to save or to seek the best angle to hit all or most of their opponents at the same time ...

    * No self-healing
    So all this power is completely nullified absurdly devastating when Hunters fighting alongside class that can heal but do correctly, Hunters are super dependent on others in any situation, in PVE to exploit its full potential abuse the AoE's, but ha not how to do it with low def, low HP and without self-healing without spending millions of HP pots or having to beg a thousand times to be healed by members of his careless PT, ie, prevents or AoE's not constant for stress and spend half plays or has to do everything with a good PT fixed know that healing the Hunters and Mages as they spamam AoE's like there's no tomorrow is the quickest way to end any instance ...
    Nobody likes having to sit around eating something to recover HP every hour while doing this those quests to kill mobs N and this happens a lot with hunters, ie, they are vulnerable in World Open most of the time, it would be better to use MP HP and so fill the floor with HP always near 100% right, as well as the healers do but does not, so the abuse pots continuous recovery of HP ...

    Here are some Builds to serve as reference:



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    nice post

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