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    HLoad - easy game hacks loader


    Basically all it is, is a simple way of launching your games with hacks. You add the games you like (much like in Steam and others), select the hacks you wish to use with them, and they will automatically be injected/run when you launch the game.

    Well this is, as the title says, a beta. I have not completely finished the project, and haven't ironed out all the bugs yet. I would like more than just myself to test it out, with different games/system setups so that I can get a better hold on where problems can arise, and would like input from others as to what they'd like to see added or even removed from the app.

    Anyway, here are some screenshots to get ye started off, and some other info.

    Known bugs:
    • Program crashes if you try to launch a game with hacks, when you have added none.
    • The Monitor For Games feature can freak out sometimes and just not work. It's kinda unfinished.

    • Add your game(s).
    • Add hacks for your game(s).
    • Run your game(s).

    To add a game click the add game button, and enter a name/filename. To add hacks, right click the game on the list, and select "Hacks", then "Add Hacks". On the Hacks window, you can enable/disable hacks by clicking the checkbox next to them, rather than removing them altogether if you wish. To run your game with hacks, either double-click it on the list, or right click it and select "Launch". To launch it without running hacks, select "Launch (no hacks)".

    Note that if you remove a game from the list, all associated hacks will also be removed.

    To add a Steam-locked game (will not launch outside Steam), or a game which runs through a loader (for example if you're using a VAC disabler), add the game as usual, but use the "Monitor for Games" feature, rather than launching it through HLoad.

    The "Autocontinue Launch" feature is for if you are using EXE hacks. If this box is checked, all of your exe hacks are launched, then the game is instantly launched afterwards. If it is not checked, then HLoad will wait for you to click the "Continue" button before launching the game, allowing you to set up EXE hacks if required.
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