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    CrossFire Sniping

    1. Settings
    The first step to sniping is learning what settings are appropriate for you. When choosing settings you must 4 remember things.

    • Make sure you can move your sniper to a target while not in scope.
    • Make sure you can move your sniper to a target while in scope.
    • Make sure you wont be moving your sniper over and past the target.
    • Make sure your pistol and/or rifle you pick up is able to move to your target quickly but accurately.

    Your sensitivity must be high enough to be able to move to the target, yet low enough to pick off heads.

    My sensitivity:
    Regular: 35
    Zoom: 12

    2. Moving
    Ah yes the das****ly MOVING. For this I recommend a pistol so that you can run quickly and still be able to gun. Moving + Sniping is possible, however your just to slow. Why is a knife not good? Imagine your running to A site to defuse the bomb. Someone is camping a corner and sprays as you come around. Unless the guy completely fails, your dead.

    3. Techniques
    There are some different techniques to sniping and to be a good sniper, one must have them all at his/her disposal.

    • Flick-shotting(Drag-Shotting): Where when you scope in and the cross hair isn't on the enemy. You must drag the scope cross hair to the enemy. I usually do this by moving my hand fast? Some people may flick their wrist, but I find that sometimes that hurts and isn't usually accurate. NOTE: Do not follow someone running while in scope. If this happens take your chances with a flick ahead of them.
    • Pre-aiming: Aiming at the place the enemy is going to come from before they do. Get good cover so that people cant shoot you from somewhere else. Reactions are everything in killing someone through this. Usually defensive technique.
    • Peeking: Stick out a bit>aiming>scope in>shoot>pull back in. This is usually done very fast so that enemy snipers cannot pick u off. This is a good technique to use for offense or defense because you do not get exposed as much.
    • Quick-scope: Quick-scope consists of [moving to the not scoped in>scoping>fire] all very quickly (of course). The most advanced technique and when couple with as much peeking as possible creates a "pro" sniper.

    But why no jump shooting? I consider jump shooting a bad habit and I don't recommend it at all. While I have seen and tried jump shooting it works only up to an extent. Jump + shooting usually leaves you hanging in there where you cant move if there are five people in your face, however peeking allows you too (jumping around corners). Also, if your jumping + shooting with another sniper on a flat surface, i'd just pull out a pistol and kill him. But, the technique throws people off and sometimes its an unexpected surprise. So, use it sparingly.

    4. Quick-switch
    Quick-switch is a way to get out of scope without having to right click twice and possible saving your life.

    • Q+Q: main method: clicking Q to switch to pistol/knife/grenade/bomb then Q to switch back to sniper
    • 2/3/4/5 + Q: my method: clicking 2/3/4/5 to switch to pistol/knife/grenade/bomb respectively then Q to switch back to sniper.
    • Scroll up + Scroll down (or vica versa): scroll up/scroll down to switch to pistol/grenade/bomb then the opposite to switch back to sniper.

    Another method is hold scoping. It is where you hold down left key so that it stays out of scope after you shot and then when you release left key the scope returns.

    So, why Quick-switch > Hold scope? Because if you get in the habit of switching to say pistol, then if you miss your shot you can pistol the opponent to death. That brings me to my second point why Q+Q(first Q to pistol); 2+Q; and Scroll up + Scroll down > other methods. A pistol can kill someone close or far effectively.

    5. Accuracy
    I will now give you a run down of the accuracies of certain situations (AWM was used).

    Standing still: 100% Spot on accuracy
    Moving [<,>]: Expect the bullet to be directly behind the crosshair.
    Jumping: You cannot predict where the bullet is going.
    No-Scope: You cannot predict where the bullet is going.

    No-scoping and Jump shotting are PURELY luck.

    6. Pistoling
    A very important and probably one of the most tools to know. Pistols are better than snipers for rushing because unlike a sniper you can shoot with a pistol many times quickly. Always keep pistols and snipers chest/head level at where the enemy is most likely come out.

    by TrinitySniper
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