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    Gameguyz Champion's Popularity Statistics (XI): Riven caused hot discussion

    LOLDB, Riven, JinxHello everyone, we are Gameguyz Champs Study, and now we provide you with the phase eleven of champion’s popularity. The statistics is from November 10 to November 16, 2013, including 10 servers of NA, RU, EUW, EUNE, BR, TR, LAN, KR, LAS and OCE, totally 13,797,094 matches.

    Fewer matches have been held during the last week since the S3 has ended and the S4 is still not coming. Riven and Varus both have been listed on our champion’s popularity leaderboard as they were free last week. What’s more, Riven has caught the designer’s attention lately for a guide video about how to deliver QA as soon as possible. Then it has become noteworthy whether to cancel the backswing of Riven’s auto attacks. On one hand, many summoners think a player’s ability can be judged from whether he can increase Riven’s output by delivering QA quickly. If this standard is canceled, League of Legends will become easier and less playable. On the other hand, some players are fond of cancelling the backswing as they think it can improve the game, making it easier for beginners. Different people have different ideas. Whether to cancel Riven’s backswing is up to the game designer.

    Gameguyz Champion's Popularity Statistics (XI): Riven caused hot discussion - LOLDB

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