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    Apple,Are You Forbidding This Erotic Comic or Selling It?

    Created by Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky, Sex Criminals is a great new comic-book series. It is about two people who discover that their orgasms give them the power to stop time. Lately, the second issue was published and is able to get in digital form via the popular Comixology app. But Apple is forbidding the issue from on the iOS version of Comixology, but the firm is still selling it on their own iBooks storefront. That’s weird, right?

    Fraction's Tweets about the ban point out the weird paradox of preventing access to Sex Criminals #2 via one avenue while allowing it through another:

    official: SEX CRIMINALS #2 is BANNED BY APPLE for sale via comixology on iOS. Not the iBooks store though. Because it's hilarious that way >
    BUTT STUFF WEREWOLF (@mattfraction) November 5, 2013

    Apple,Are You Forbidding This Erotic Comic or Selling It?

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