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    Weekly Ranking: Ember Spirit topped

    DOTA2, DOTADB, Ember Spirit, Ranking

    The powerful data search function of DOTADB enables us to check out more detailed gaming data. Now let’s have a look at one of the functions - Ranking.

    The new hero - Ember Spirit has obtained the No.1 in Win Ranking last week. It was due to his strong mobility and gank ability. Altogether, he had attended 12,739,404 matches from November 13th to November 19th. It’s also important that you need to master his gameplay. For a new hero, the 9.55 KDA is enough to show his powerfulness.

    Lost within the Wailing Mountains, the Fortress of Flares lay abandoned, its training halls empty, its courtyard covered in leaves and dust. Upon a dais in its sealed temple rests a topaz cauldron filled with ancient ash, remnants of a pyre for the warrior-poet Xin. For three generations, Xin taught his acolytes the Bonds of the Guardian Flame, a series of mantras to train the mind and body for the harsh realities beyond the fortress walls. However, in teaching a warrior's way he earned a warrior's rivals, and in his autumn Xin was bested and slain. His followers spread to the wind. Yet as years turned to centuries and followers to descendants, his teachings endured by subtle whisper and deed. Touched by the teacher's lasting legacy, the Burning Celestial, inquisitive aspect of fire, cast himself to the Fortress of Flares and reignited the pyre ash. From these glowing embers emerged an image of Xin, wreathed in flame, his thoughtful countenance prepared to train and to teach, and to spread the fires of knowledge to all who seek guidance.

    Weekly Ranking: Ember Spirit topped

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