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    C# Memory-Pixel Bot for World of Warcraft

    This is a full C# source of memory and pixel reading bot for WoW. Bot was used as a bg healing bot and a farming bot.


    • Process renaming.
    • Launch wow as Guest Account.
    • Auto detect wow's process and attach.
    • Auto detect zoning - deattach and reattach
    • Signing at all bg's in all cities.
    • Option to do pvp or farming

    • Waypoint profiles like glider - can read glide profiles.
    • Group profiles for BG's that support:
    • On event - if horde gets ST in AB it can detect it and change to another profile.
    • On close - if you get close to another profile it will detect it and use that instead usefull when falling of bridges in AB.
    • Nextstep - what to do when reacing the end of the profile.
    • Mount
    • Other stuff look in the source.
    • This has only been used on danish systems, we use , in waypoints when read from wow instead of . so this may need to be changed based on you system setup.

    • Bot has intergrated djragets OOberX, it supports AI files like the OOberWarlock 4

    • The healing is hard coded atm, the druid healing is the very best! the others needs more tweaking - ONLY BG Healing.

    Integrated the GlassConfig. Bot can save and load settings for the classes - need some code cleanup etc.
    • It loots by searching the screen for when the mouse changes to the loot icon.

    • Detect attackers, adds, pulls based on factions, moves based on waypoints, stuck detector and alot other stuff that i ain't going to list.

    It does not use injection, you got the option to use it when signing for bg's but thats it.
    It can bg bot in background (the addon need to be visible) but it won't loot in background.

    Other stuff.
    Feel free to modify, copy etc - but DON'T SELL IT! or use it in commercial bots!

    P.S. It's not a working bot. You should update code/offset or you should use this code for learning.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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