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    World of Warcraft Open source multihack

    OHack - An open source hack for World of Warcraft
    by l0l1dk

    • No Water Hack - Command: .NoWater.
      Disables swimming and rendering of water. You can still walk on water using the water walk hack.
    • Water Walk Hack - Command: .WaterWalk.
      Lets you walk on the surface of the water.
    • Climb Hack - Command: .Climb.
      Lets you walk at a much steeper angle than you normally can.
    • No Collision - Command: .NoClip or .NoCollision.
      Disables collision with terrain, so you can move through the ground.
    • Hover Hack - Command: .Hover.
      Lets you move without descending. This can be enabled while falling or jumping. Disables swimming and jumping to prevent disconnects. Disable it before loading screens, or you will be disconnected.
    • Fly Hack - Command: .Fly.
      Lets you move as if you are flying. This can be enabled while falling or jumping. Disables swimming and jumping to prevent disconnects. Disable it before loading screens, or using a flying mount, or you will be disconnected.
    • Stop Fall - Command: .StopFall.
      Causes you to stop falling as if you landed on the ground.
    • Morph and Scale Hack - Command: .morph <Model ID> and .scale <Size>.
      Changes the model ID and scale of the player, or your target if you have one selected. These commands are case-sensitive.
    • Map Loading - Command: .loadmap <Map ID>.
      Unloads the current map and loads another. Some maps will cause disconnects or crashes.The player won't render after loading another map.
    • Follow Any Hack.
      Lets you follow any unit, instead of only friendly players.
    • Show All Levels Hack.
      Lets you view the level of enemy units that are 10 or more levels higher than you.
    • No Away Hack.
      Disables auto-away, so you can be away from WoW for more than 5 minutes without getting the away state.
    • Language Hack.
      Lets you speak and understand all other languages. You can select any language from the language selection box. If you load OHack while in-game, you'll need to do a /reload for the other languages to show up in the language selection box.
    • Zoom Hack.
      Removes the camera zoom-out limit.
    • Lua Unlocker.
      Lets you use protected Lua functions, such as CastSpellByName.

    OHack has an optional UI; you can use the UI or the in-game commands. If you use the in-game commands, OHack will print a message to chat saying that the hack was enabled or disabled.
    All messages beginning with . will be blocked, so that mistyped commands will not be sent to chat.
    Here's a screenshot of it:

    • You need Detours 1.5 to build it, and it probably won't build with anything other than Visual Studio.
    • If you get errors about a missing DLL then you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).
    • Make sure that you build it as a DLL.
    • OHack supports both DirectX 9 and DirectX 11, but only x86 WoW.

    It is currently undetected.

    Note: You may reuse any of my code in this hack, as long as you don't sell it, and you must give credit to l0l1dk/Fail46.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    I can't actually see the file so I can't compare the source code but I have reason to suspect this is plagarism of a hack called eHack. I could be wrong but I figured I'd call it to attention and as a programmer myself I wouldn't want someone plagiarising my work.


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