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    Packet Sniffer/Editor Full Source

    Packet Editor is an application designed in order to allow users to monitor and manipulate network events, network traffic and DNS to and from a target application. By constructing custom filters it allows users to control data before it is sent or received by the target. Its easy to use graphical user interface allows even inexperienced users the ability to debug their solutions with minimal effort and knowledge.

    Users are able to launch any executable file in order to begin the capturing and/or filtering of events instantaneously upon execution. Users are also able to seamlessly attach and detach from any running process at any time without the worry of losing network data, haltering execution, interrupting connections or restarting the process.

    The focus audience of this application is client and server developers looking for a quick and easy way to debug their solutions without the hassle of having to recompile code for network protocol changes. With object oriented programming and multiple hierarchies of socket related libraries it is increasingly difficult to keep track of what is actually going on over the network. Keeping the waste of unnecessary network traffic and events to a minimum is the key in keeping professional solutions running fast and stable.

    Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

    • The current version can only target 32-bit applications and only supports IPv4.
    • Packet Editor functions at user level security and does not require any drivers to be installed.

    Download Packet Editor C# Source
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