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    FUD RC4 Encryption

    Public Function RC4(ByVal Data As String, ByVal Password As String) As String
     On Error Resume Next
     Dim F(0 To 255) As Integer, X, Y As Long, Key() As Byte
     Key() = StrConv(Password, vbFromUnicode)
     For X = 0 To 255
         Y = (Y + F(X) + Key(X Mod Len(Password))) Mod 256
         F(X) = X
     Next X
     Key() = StrConv(Data, vbFromUnicode)
     For X = 0 To Len(Data)
         Y = (Y + F(Y) + 1) Mod 256
         Key(X) = xori(Key(X), F(Temp + F((Y + F(Y)) Mod 254)))
     Next X
     RC4 = StrConv(Key, vbUnicode)
     End Function
     Private Function nand(a, B)
         nand = Not ((a And B))
     End Function
     Private Function xori(a, B)
         xori = nand(nand(a, nand(a, B)), nand(b, nand(a, B)))
     End Function
    Use it to encrypt string in your code!
    Make String Undetectable

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