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    Battle of the Immortals 2 will Allow You to Control Vehicles

    Perfect World Entertainment's next-gen MMO title Battle of the Immortals 2 has been renamed to World of the Immortals, giving players the signal that it will be a different game to the first BOI game. If you read our previous report, your first impression must be: wow, that's totally a Diablo style game! Yes, PWE receives lots of suggestions from Runic Games, who's now working on Torchlight 2 and uses new engine for World of the Immortals. They confidently announces their plan that to push the game to global market within this year. Now PWE has released 2 videos, including lots of in-game footages. After the video, you can read the info about some new features such as mount & vehicle system. We have Battle of the immortals Gold, cheap Battle of the immortals Gold; Get Battle of the immortals Gold is easy. You can buy Battle of the immortals Gold now!
    In World of the Immortals, a redesigned heraldry system will allow you to do more combinations and create unique gears. About 700 monsters can be captured and trained to your pets. The brand-new mount system is another feature that we want to mention. Vehicles are brought into the game in addition to traditional mounts. You can expect to fly your vehicles to the air or dive them to the ocean, or use them in massive wars. Once you go into the vehicles and join the fight, your character's levels and abilities will be put aside, your control skills will determine your fate. If you think vehicles are not enough, how about some Gundam-like robots? According to PWE, they plan to let you control those giant machines in the territory wars.

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    Re: Battle of the Immortals 2 will Allow You to Control Vehi

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