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    this is one of the best bots made for perfect world

    Ive been playing pw for a long time there are only 2 bots i feel worth mentioning one of them i know no longer works so i wont bother with it the second is the one im going to link to in this post it is called oracle the version im linking to is the light version and last i checked worked extremely well there is also a farm bot on that website for farming mats but it is 20$ and is only radius i believe hence i wont be using it if it had a way to set a route up i would totally buy it lol anyways heres the link Dwar i don't know if you care if i link to outside sites but the guy who posted said i could link to but not post the file elsewhere anyways here if its against eh rules to post to outside sites just delete it just thought you all would like something to look at

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