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    [Guide]Multi-Botting. Make 30m/week

    -Good pc that can handle 5-6 clients
    -Common sense
    -Lots of patience (Time=Money). If you're not willing to put in lots of work, don't even bother, just stop reading right now. This will be very tedious and time consuming, but you reap what you sow. You WILL make tons of gold.

    1.)Start off by making 6 e-mails and register all the accounts. It's better if you use a different IP each time you register.

    2.)Load up all the clients and log in to your desired server. (Use multi clienter)

    3.)I would recommend 1 tank, 1 magus, 1 slayer, 1 heretic, 2 berserker

    4.)Get the introduction ID for one of your characters and use that.

    4.)Do quests and level them to level 30.

    5.)From this point on, if you're a really hard worker you can quest them all or in my case I just did events together.

    6.)Level 60 is the goal level you are trying to rush. At level 60, you will be able to run SiE and that's where the gold skyrockets.

    7.)Ignore SG gear and work on pets. Your goal is to get a good pet for all of your 6 characters (Should cost 30m+). I managed to get 5 good pets in less than a month. The pets I had were here:

    8.)Do events. Ignore all quests after 60 level, the exception being important storyline quests. Your main source of exp will be from events. Quests are a waste of time and they really suck up your patience. Make sure to do the storyline quests because they give important rewards.

    Steps to do an event together:
    1.) Make each character go to the desired event.
    2.)After you enter a dungeon, make all your characters follow your desired "leader". To follow a character, right click on their name on the left bar and click follow. I made my tank as party leader and manually controlled him.
    3.)Run your tank the middle of the dungeon (your characters will follow leader when you click)
    4.)Aggro all mobs with shout or auto-attack and gather them all up
    5.)Start the bot for EVERY single one of your accounts. They will start to kill mobs.
    6.)Manually supervise your leader to make sure you kill every mob. You can go afk, but many times they will miss a few mobs. You will also need to manually move your leader to the next area obviously
    7.)You are free to switch between characters and use them as needed. For example, many times you will need to use your heretic to heal your party.

    Tools/Programs needed:
    1.)Multi Client

    2.)0xDEC0DE bot (modded by My420time)
    -Set up the botting configs for each of your characters, but DO NOT touch the health/mp section. Instead, you should use the separate health potter program

    3.)Health/Mp potter by My420time
    -Set your health/mp potting options.

    You have to use the separate hp/mp potter because the bot messes up with multiple accounts.

    Public Botting
    I'm strongly against botting in public, especially with multiple accounts which naturally increases your chance of getting caught. You will be able to make a lot of gold from pub botting but the risks are high. You might get caught in a day, a week, or maybe never.

    Making gold and exp:
    Here are the events that I did for gold and exp. I skipped a lot but my routine usually consisted of this:

    1.)Zodiac Gauntlet first, for attack and defense bonus. It can give you lots of mid-high level gems
    2.)SiE 3x. Main source of income. You literally have 6x the chance to get an SG piece and I was getting anywhere from 4-8 pieces a day. The silver goblets also sell very good. I sold them at 9k a piece
    3.)Dragon Island/Fallen darkness if I'm feeling like it. Save up the growth crystals and sell them
    4.)Hexagram Array. I scripted my own script so it runs hex on all 6 clients for me. Doing it manually can be a pain in the ass. You can script it yourself with any macro program or autoit, it's worth it.
    5.)Trial/word of wisdom If i'm feeling like it
    6.)ToB If i'm feeling like it, usually not.
    7.)Dragon scales (you get 6x the scales you normally get, good income if you feel like it)

    In the future when your characters gets to level 85+, you should start doing pyramid hallu and lava elite. I avoided doing giza because I found it a waste of time, drops were pathetic. Make sure you know the pricing in the markets, that's a big influence on how much gold you will make. Basically, you reap 6 times the reward from anything in the game due to the fact you have 6 accounts. New dungeons will be present in the future, so abuse instances as much as you can.

    Let's have an assumption of how much value of gold you get a day:
    1.)3x SiE = let's say 4-5 sg pieces = 1.5m. 36 goblets x 9k = 324k. From 3 SiE runs you make around 1.8m
    2.)Zodiac gauntlet. Level 2 gems go from 40K+ and level 3 can sell at 300k+.
    3.)Dragon Island. I used to get around 200k worth of crystals per run

    I mostly got my income from these 3 events, I was too lazy to do giza, SiN, dragon scales or anything else. From those 3 events, you can already make 2m/day. In 30 days = 60m. My daily routine took no longer than 2 hours. Of course it's not guaranteed you will sell those items immediately, but the goods are still in your hands

    Let's add pyramid hallu to the equation. Let's say atleast 2 decent pieces per day. That's 2m+. You're now making 4m/day and 120m/month. Have fun. I suggest you invest your gold in zen items and/or pets, especially when they're having a "sale". Stock up on a certain item that is on sale and when the sale is over, the prices will slowly rise back up. That is a common investment technique.

    Pricing depends usually on the piece and it varies per level and class. Ranked from most expensive to least expensive:
    1.)Chest(especially slayer)

    How to avoid getting caught:
    1.NEVER bot in public. That will get you caught sooner or later. That includes poisedon, gold farming or even celebeam farming.
    2.Do not stay afk with your accounts open
    3.Do not get reported for any reason
    Proxies: It caught me when I tried using one and banned me automatically.
    -As far as I know, the GM's won't catch you if you don't expose yourself. Me personally and the people I've talked to can attest to this, but it isn't guaranteed

    Pets for your botting accounts:
    I found pure int and pure STR to be the most fitting. Dex is more suited for PvP, and I didn't really pvp. Make sure one pet has advanced anger (6% crit for party). One spirit pet will be needed for your heretic in the future.

    Pets are one of the most important things in your botting group. It will save you TONS of time from events. It will be VERY tough at first when you have shit pets and gear, you might not finish many events in time or it will take very long. SiE took me about 50-60 minutes when I had crap pets. After I acquired 5 good pets and better gear as well, SiE took me only ~20m

    A typical DPS str/int pet should have atleast
    -2/3 Passives.
    -1 Attack slot (ADV flesh ream, must be needed). The other attack skill is worthless (Adv Bash, adv spirit slash, etc). The cooldown is really long and the damage is not worth it. Save the slot for something else.
    -The rest can be up to you. I usually leave atleast 1 for AoE.

    *Do not forget that pets are TRADEABLE. They're not money sinks. In the future if for some reason you decide to stop doing this, all the money you spent on the pets are not wasted

    What about zods?
    Avoid zods. They're overpriced and they are NOT better than illusion dragons if they do not have ultimate skills. The only reason why zods are "better" is if they have their ultimate skill (30% stat). You can start swapping your pets for zods once you get rich. That's pretty much all I did with my gold, I spent it on starwish charms. Zods without ultimate cost more because they're more for "show". They look cool, that's all.

    Get perfect, 2.7k+ growth, reckless/naughty/strength/excited Illusion dragons. They're the best bang for the buck and really cheap too. Pikeear lynx and mimic demons work too but they have much lower stat gain, even if they have the same growth and mood. Your SPR pet will most likely be a mimic demon.

    Spirit battery
    You will need a "spirit battery" pet. Basically, this is a pet that sacrifices its mp to give its owner some MP. It will be needed for your heretic after level 85 when he gets "absolution". Your mp will be drained insanely fast.

    You will need ATLEAST:
    -A spirit based pet (mimic demon is the best)
    -adv Mana sacrifice. I'm not sure if its mana sacrifice or mana transfer, but it's the skill that transfers 30% of the pets MP to your MP.
    -1 Passive slot (10% spirit)
    -The rest is up to you

    Here's what my SPR pet looked:
    Imageshack - magus.jpg

    Buy clean or decked out pets?
    It is MUCH CHEAPER to buy skilled out / upgraded pets rather than clean ones. The cost drops dramatically the more expensive it is (atleast for illusion dragons).

    How much it would cost to fully upgrade it from clean from the prices in my server (abyss)
    -Illusion Dragon GEN 2 clean : 4m
    -Fortify/Growth : 2m
    -Universal Emblems to change skill slots : 1m-5m+
    -2 Passives : 600k
    -ADV flesh ream : 1m
    -2 AoE's : 3.7m

    You're looking at 10m+ ATLEAST, depending on your LUCK. Unless the pet has 3k+ growth without fruits, strength mood, all skills unlocked, etc... do not buy clean.

    A decked out pet with 2.8k+ growth with +7/+7, 2 aoes, flesh ream, passives, etc will cost no more than 7m. People are desperate to sell illu dragons and you can usually bargain for one at 5-6m.

    Skip SG all the way until 75 or 90 or 100. If you want to use SG, use 2/8 (weapon+shoulder)) or 4/8. SG is a money sink because you have to throw it away eventually. Instead if you want to improve your damage, improve your chalice/soul jade/clothing. You won't be throwing those things away.

    I didn't socket anything or reinforce anything until level 75. At that level, I had enough points from salary so I used level 2 salary gems. Make sure you enter introduction ID for your characters

    Mistake I've made in the past that you should avoid
    1. Botting in public overnight. Someone reported me and all my accounts were banned. I had to change my IP
    2. Trying to sell a character on epvp to someone "new". Last week I tried to sell my accounts to somebody who was fresh to epvp. I believe he turned out to be a spy/GM from BoI. I suppose he was able to confirm my IP through MSN messenger and match it with an ingame account and thus ban me. I received an e-mail saying that their "investigations" showed I was trying to sell my accounts just 2 days later after he contacted me. I TOTALLY did not expect this, they outsmarted me and caught me

    I suggest you read the official class guides on the official forums, but for most skills that I will list, get them to level 7 or below (depending on your gold). Do not worry about maxing them to level 10 because the costs are really huge at low levels and the skill isn't improved that much. Proceed to level the skills max when you get much higher level (80+ I would say)

    Most important Skills up to level 75
    1. XP: 7-10
    2. War roar: 7
    3. Savagery: 5-7
    4. Lunar Slash: 7-10
    5. Whirlwind: 3-10
    6. Duelist: 5-10
    7. Demolish 3-10
    8. Temper 3-10

    1. XP: 7-10
    2. Shield Strike: 7-10
    3. Invigorate : 7-10
    4. Challenge : 1
    5. Taunt : 1
    6. Justice ward : 7-10
    7. Vital strike : 7-10
    8. Holy Storm : 1-10
    9. Zeal : 3-10

    1. XP: 7-10
    2. Heal: 10. Must max by the time you reach 60 for SiE
    3. Fortification: 7-10
    4. Resistance: 5-10
    5. Soul Link: 7-10
    6. Angel barrier 4-10
    7. Bless: 6-10
    8. Devotion: 3-10

    1. XP: 7-10
    2. Ice arrow: 10
    3. Fireball: 10
    4. Insight: 6-10
    5. Flameflick: 5-10
    6. Evocation: 5-10
    7. Frostburst: 10 when you have extra gold
    8. Cold Logic: 10
    9. Eruption: 3-10
    10. Inspiration: 3-10

    Never played it to a high level

    Summary and main goals
    1. Rush to level 60 ASAP and do SiE. Get decent level of skills for your characters, especially on heretic make sure you get heal lvl 10 asap. Try to get atleast 10k health on your characters by using hp gems (to survive marcells bombs). You can simply move away from the bombs, but sometimes you still get caught and it's very annoying to run back after dying
    2. Avoid spending gold for unnecessary skills or skill levels.
    2. Get 6 good pets. You can spend a bit of zen to help yourself
    3. Get to level 75 and +4 your gear if you'd like. Socket them and further level up your skills
    4. You will be able to have your main with +10 gear / uber pet without ever spending a single dollar
    5. It's best if you "quit" botting all your accounts after you've made hundreds of millions. You risk the chance of getting caught someday, if they implement some system to catch botters more efficiently

    Aside from the gold, realize you can run events WHENEVER you want. Especially since DI/FD became a 24/7 event, it's very hard to find parties.

    Credits to 0xDEC0DE and My420time for their awesome work and Woodfly for the Guide

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