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Thread: FW Gold Adder

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    FW Gold Adder

    Hey all,
    So I recently stumbled upon a Gold Adder online, specifically at

    I downloaded the .rar file and naturally it's password protected. There are claims floating around the web that folks on this wonderful site were the ones who created this program. Said claims are that potential passwords are "" or "progamercity".

    I was just curious if anyone here knows anything about that because I would really love to get this working.

    However after lurking in this forum I've come to realize that FW is sever based, thus nothing is likely to affect the quantity of anything.

    Finally, in case it matters to anyone, the URL that I got the program from is as follows:

    I DLed it and ran it through AVG and Malwarebytes, it's clean just in case someone wants to take a crack at cracking it.
    I'm sure this hack is complete BS, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Lol, trojan

    Anubis - Analysis Report: 7fd9a4&format=html

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