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    Exclamation http cannot connect

    http cannot connect please try again,
    this is what you will going to do
    Go to "My Computer" and click on your C: Drive.
    Click on the Aeriagames folder, and go to the Grand Fantasia folder.
    Find the LuncherMod.ini folder then change

    Connect_Mode = 1 to Connect_Mode = 3




    OPT_TIMEOUT = 60 to OPT_TIMEOUT = 1200

    thats it, it should work.

    Server Connection: Failure

    If you're experiencing the error "Server Connection: Failure" or if your game shuts down once it gets to the log in screen, more than likely it's because of the anti-virus you're using. The most common culprits are Norton and Kaspersky. Sometimes something can happen during a patch that causes these anti-viruses to view the Grand Fantasia.exe as a virus. Please note this is a false positive. There is no virus in the Grand Fantasia folder.
    At the moment we are unsure what causes this to happen, but we do have solutions you can try in case it does.

    For Norton Users you're free to try any of the following,

    Add Grand Fantasia to your allowed list
    Temporarily disable Norton while booting up Grand Fantasia
    Try this solution.
    Turn off Active Protect
    Completely wipe out Norton Anti-virus from your computer by following this link. *

    For Kaspersky Users please follow these steps.
    (This is for Internet Security 2011, but we assume 2010 is relatively the same)

    Right click Kaspersky in the Task Bar.
    Choose tools, then go to application control
    Change the pull down at the top from "Running" to "All"
    Locate Grandfantasia Online, click the status/group link and change it to "Trusted"
    Double click Grandfantasia Online in the application control to open a detail view.
    Go to the Exclusion tab, and check all that applies.
    Close out of the application control.

    In the Proactive Defense window is a check box to trust the Kaspersky trusted application, make sure that it's checked! It'll still flag GF as having a PD.keylogger. You can fix that by going into the Proactive Defense setting and unchecking keylogger while you play GF, then re-enable the Keylogger Proactive Check when you are done.

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    wtf? another useless copy-pasting, even without credits

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