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    Infinite Aion Buff Extender

    What does it do?

    This program lets you change the remaining time on several buffs
    including hide and all chanter buffs.

    If thats not enough you can also set the program to automaticly refresh the buff when it reaches 1 sec remaining.

    as another random feature you can permanently summon tempest/magma spirits with this :P


    1. Start the buff extender
    2. Wait for it to update
    3. Open Aion (Its important you open aion AFTER the buff extender or the buff extender wont be able to find the proccess)
    4. Get a buff (Most chanter sorcerer and assasin buffs work aswell as serveral other class buffs)
    5. Alt tab to the spoofer, you should now see "Aion.exe ready" up the top
    6. Select your buff from the list
    7. set the amount of MS remaining
    8. apply and have fun! (You can use the "Loop when 1 sec remains" tick box to make buffs last 4eva!

    GLHF, but dont blame me if u get banned for infinite focused evasion...

    Please PM me with any bug reports!

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