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    [PWI Bot] Gamerisers PWI Grinder (ORACLE legacy): new beta phase

    PerfectWorld(GRINDER) [RISER]

    PLEASE NOTE : Like the last release, this riser is for PW INTERNATIONAL aka PW Genesis ONLY.

    ## Features:
    - Grinder with auto-pick
    - Mob list to attack

    How to use features

    While ingame :
    Open the menu by pressing HOME key

    Use the arrows to navigate in the options:
    UP and DOWN to next or previous feature, RIGHT or LEFT to change them

    #1# bot Off / On : set the grinder bot.
    You must put an attack skill into your action bar, on position 1 (key F1)
    Choose the best skill that has the lowest cooldown and the lowest mana consumption.
    Always double-check you have enough HP and Mana potions before going to grind.

    #2# Pick : Set the auto-pick
    Verify you have the pick skill on position 6 in your action bar (key F6)

    #3# Auto HP : % of your HP at which the bot will consume an HP potion automatically (key F7)

    #4# Auto MP : % of your MP at which the bot will consume an MP potion automatically (key F8)

    Special Hotkeys

    While playing,
    - Press HOME to display/disable the menu
    - Press NUMPAD+ to add a targeted mob to your attack list
    - Press NUMPAD- to clear the whole list.

    ## Video
    (Coming soon)

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