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    Tera RISING Europe server (Free to Play)

    i just found this Tera Rising EU server which is free to play which started February 5, 2013 if I'm not mistaken. don't know if there are any ip bans or sort, haven't checked yet...

    Game link...
    Home - Tera Europe

    i haven't tried this game yet and now still downloading @ 64% for 3days worth download... my bandwidth sucks and this game is enormously big for an online game... said to be more or less 25 gig to download and 25 gig to unpack... its free so its worth the time checking it out...

    System requirement with a game trailer...
    Tera-Online Systemanforderungen and Tera-Online systemvoraussetzungen for PC Games

    here's a comparison between a free user to its premium user...
    Tera Club - Tera Europe

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    Tera rising if official Tera EU since feb. f2p...
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    The tera weighs almost 50gb is normal

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