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    Cool Tera Class Guide

    This one is going to give a brief look at each class. I recommend checking out this entire guide, picking a couple classes you’re interested in, and then checking out the full guide for that class.

    Tera Class Guide – Lancer Class

    Aspects: Absorption Tank, Melee Class, Heavy Armor
    In a solo setting, Lancers have a very large attack radius, as well as a very high defense to give them self-supporting skills. In a party setting, they are able to keep the main target on them to make sure they are receiving the bulk of the damage.

    Tera Class Guide – Warrior Class

    Aspects: Evasive Tank, Strong Melee DPS, Light Armor
    In a solo setting, the Warrior class is able to quickly deal high damage as well as move around quickly to negate damage. In a party setting, they are able to deal very high amounts of damage or take some aggro on tough opponents due to their ability to evade attacks.

    Tera Class Guide – Berserker Class

    Aspects: Burst Melee Damage, Heavy Armor
    In solo settings, the Berserker class is able to self-sustain themself with skills like Vampiric Blow which deals damage and heals the Berserker, they also deal very good burst damage. In a party setting, the Berserker’s job is to blow up the main target as quick as possible.

    Tera Class Guide – Slayer Class

    Aspects: Burst Melee Damage, Light Armor
    In a solo setting, the Slayer utilizes it’s crowd control effects to keep enemies locked down while damaging them. In a group setting, they focus on dealing high damage while helping out the healers by avoiding as much damage as possible.

    Tera Class Guide – Sorcerer Class

    Aspects: Burst Ranged DPS, Robe Armor
    In a solo setting, the Sorcerer class uses ranged spells and slows to kill enemies before they are able to reach them and damage them. In a group setting, they are able to stay very far away from the fight while nuking the enemies down.

    Tera Class Guide – Archer Class

    Aspects: Steady Ranged DPS, Light Armor
    In a solo setting, the Archer is able to damage enemies from a distance, and then lay traps to slow those enemies while kiting them to take them down without taking an ounce of damage. In a group setting, the Archer can deal steady but high damage while dropping traps for additional damage or to keep enemies away from healers.

    Tera Class Guide – Mystic Class

    Aspects: Healing, Supporting, Robe Armor
    In a solo setting, the Mystic is able to summon “Thralls” to aid them in battle as well as deal some ranged area of effect damage to kill enemies. In groups, they can still summon these Thralls to aid them, but usually will focus more on healing the group and supporting them with different auras to buff party members, also, they have very strong crowd control.

    Tera Class Guide – Priest Class

    Aspects: Strong Healer, Robe Armor
    In a solo setting, the priest class needs to utilize it’s healing in order to stay alive, it does have several strong single target damage abilities as well. In a group setting, the Priest’s job is almost always going to be to keep everyone in the group alive and not worry about damage.

    Tera Class Guide – Wrap Up

    There you have it, a quick look at each class, this gives you a good idea of each class, but not the best idea, please look at my other Tera Class Guide for each individual class you’re interested in for more information.

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