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    Structure checker

    Here is a little tool of my own.
    This tool will help you to monitor specific memory field.
    I've developed it to check memory change during actions in game that are "back to normal" once the action is finished.
    For example, i think that TERA create a pointer to a skill when u cast it and this pointer is destroyed once the skill is finished.

    This data is hard to detect so, with this tool, i think i can trace it.

    Very little tutorial :
    once the program is launched, click on refresh (bottom right)
    select an application in memory then click start (high left).
    you will see datas in memory
    refresh is a refresh time of the datas in ms
    #values is the number of values you want to view (each value is 4 byte long)
    you will see in the grid the offset at left and the value interpreted in decimal, float, hexa and char
    you can also see "add offset" that will allow you to jump to the address listed in the cell and add this offset to the offset list on the right.
    the right list is used to manage offset and you can add/remove/modify any offset in this list.

    next is the monitor button that allow you to monitor the memory during a specific amount of tick or until you'll click on stop button.
    each tick depend of the refresh time. so if you want t monitor memory during 10 seconds with a refresh of 0.1 seconds, u'll have 100 ticks.

    once you've monitored few tick, click on analyze button to see a grid of values with a time stamp.
    every time a value change, the color in the grid turn to red.

    it's a beta version, so it's probably bugged

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    nice.. ill check it out..^^
    Kin 164 - Im a Yello Seed^^

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    Nice work !

    Looks like work perfect, but how i can use it to take some useful information about tera offsets ? i need some extra details since i am noob :p

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