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Thread: TERA Offsets

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    Latest offsets

    Latest EU version offsets:

    Base address = 0x0260B9D8 (TERA.exe+0220B9D8)
    Character structure = 0x14 + 0x44 + 0x10
    Target structure = 0x14 + 0x304

    character struct:
    0x08 - level
    0x18 - xp current
    0x28 - xp max
    0x48 - hp current
    0x5C - hp max
    0x78 - mp current
    0x88 - mp max
    0xC8 + 0x0 + 0x0 - name

    target struct:
    0x20 - id
    0x24 - distance in world units
    0x28 - distance in meters
    0x2C - position x
    0x30 - position y
    0x34 - position z
    0x50 - level

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