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    Tera Online Slayer Skills

    The Tera Online Slayer lacks any defensive skills. But the charm of this class, is that it can use its offensive skills for defensive.

    Lets have a look at some of the Skills of the Tera Online Slayer.

    This is a brief guide. I will update it to be more detailed and precise when i get my hands on more information.
    Rushing Dodge
    Quickly dodges the attack and rushes towards the enemy
    Using this spell, makes the Slayer rotate with his blade damaging all enemies in a 3 Meter radius.
    Knockdown Strike
    Causes the slayer to strike the target with massive force, dealing great amounts of damage and knocking him down.
    Backflip Kick
    Jumps backwards and stuns the target.
    Overhand Strike
    Overhand Strike is powerful, but slow to activate. You can utilize it fully by using it after these skills eg Whirlwind, Knockdown Strike, Leaping Strike, Stunning Strike, or the fourth blow of your basic attack.
    Blazing Blade
    This is one of the ranged attacks of the Slayer. It hurls a bolt of energy towards the enemy. This is a combo attack, that it means each time you use it, the damage increases. The damage of this spell is inversely proportional to the distance it travels. The damage is lowest at the maximum distance.
    Desperate Swing
    This causes the Tera Online Slayer to swing his mighty sword in a 180 degrees. This causes damage according to your hit points. The lower your HP, the more damage this skill does.
    Increases run speed by 50%.
    Nerve Slash
    For 15 seconds your attacks have a chance of causing the Nerve Slash effect. This effect causes the cooldown of the target’s spell to be increased by a 50 %
    Gather Strength
    Your next attack with 20 seconds of activation will have 30 % increased damage.

    These are some of the different skills of the Tera Online Slayer. We will see how to use them in a PvP situation

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    Very good friend .. Slayer game with tb

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    back stab ->
    fury strike ->
    startling kick ->
    heart trust ->
    stunning backhand ->
    overhand strike ->
    measured slice = win combo for 1v1 pvp.
    if a target is tough one like a lancer knock down strike after measured slice should give you another knock down assuming you know how to time that 2 seconds after opponent uses retaliate after measured slice kd. so ...measured slice (which knocks down) -> w8 like 2 seconds after opponent gets up and try not to miss kd strike. if you do this combo right there is no one who can survive this. at least if they are not getting healed

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