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    Mage Fan

    This guide according to Fan Mage skill build.
    Q: Why Fan mage?
    A: I like the big damage (damage is more big fan rather than staff) so I chose to find data on any mage fan
    ALSO fun to play, have awesome variety of skills, and are one of the best pvp classes


    Pure Int/Con * highly recomended, high mp, hp and def but your damage is stabilized and will be constantly mediocre damage.
    Pure Dex/Con * really high Maximum Attack power, high hp and def, and you can hit Surprisingly high.

    I at least give an explanation with a bit of skill mage fan.

    Level 10 - YinYangCharge - Passive
    Gain magic attack bonues when character equips a fan

    Level 10 - DibaloSpear - Active
    Launch fire arrow that deals damage to an enemy

    Level 17 - Ice Javelin - Active
    Launch Ice attack that deals damage up to 4 enemies

    Level 21 - Amaorosis - Active
    Block enemy sight for period of time

    Level 25 - Windstrom - Active
    Hit enemy and push away for a certain distance

    Level 29 - Teleport - Active
    Instantly move forward on a map

    Level 33 - Harden - Active
    Increase defense of party
    Level 20: Gain 40% Def to entire party for some time

    Level 37 - Mana Exchange - Active
    Convert own SP into Hp

    Recommended Skill Build At Level 60
    My Build this:

    Level 11: YinYangCharge (2)
    Level 12: YinYangCharge (4)
    Level 13: YinYangCharge (6)
    Level 14: YinYangCharge (8)
    Level 15: YinYangCharge (10)
    Level 16: YinYangCharge (12)
    Level 17: YinYangCharge (13), Ice Javelin (1)
    Level 18: YinYangCharge (14), Ice Javelin (2)
    Level 19: YinYangCharge (16)
    Level 20: YinYangCharge (18)
    Level 21: YinYangCharge (20)
    Level 22: Ice Javelin (4)
    Level 23: Ice Javelin (6)
    Level 24: Ice Javelin (8)
    Level 25: Ice Javelin (10)
    Level 26: Ice Javelin (12)
    Level 27: Ice Javelin (14)
    Level 28: Ice Javelin (15)
    Level 29: Save both points (3)
    Level 30: Save both points (5)
    Level 31: Save both points (7)
    Level 32: Save both points (9)
    Level 33: Harden (11)
    Level 34: Ice Javelin (17)
    Level 35: Ice Javelin (19)
    Level 36: Ice Javelin (20), Harden ( 12)
    Level 37: Harden (14)
    Level 38: Harden (16)
    Level 39: Harden (18)
    Level 40: Harden (20)
    Level 41: Save both points (2)
    Level 42: Save both points (4)
    Level 43: Save both points (6)
    Level 44: Save both points (8)
    Level 45: Save both points (10)
    Level 46: Save both points (12)
    Level 47: Save both points (14)
    Level 48: Save both points (16)
    Level 49: Save both points (18)
    Level 50: Dragon Strike (10)
    Level 51: Save both points (12)
    Level 52: Save both points (14)
    Level 53: Save both points (16)
    Level 54: Save both points (18)
    Level 55: Save both points (20)
    Level 56: Save both points (22)
    Level 57: Save both points (24)
    Level 58: Save both points (26)
    Level 59: Save both points (28)
    Level 60: Save both points (30)
    So the remaining points 30
    But it's up to you if you do not want the same my build.

    Let FAQs

    Q: Build for dex/int ?
    A: All can say is required to int but it's up to you

    Q: Whether Harden was really good ?
    A: Harden is a party skill were really good. The problem is not just a skill to effect a map .. but to one channel, as long as masi in a party. 60% up to defend a party? Who would refuse?

    I think this is quite

    eh yeah, my English is quite chaotic and unclear so very sorry ya
    let me know if there is one

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    This build is pretty old, and it doesn't fit with SSO set skill now.

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    you are not add mana exchange and teleport?
    they are pretty useful for grinding and pvp i think....
    i recommend adding 10 mana exchange and 10 teleport (additional)
    because, it save your money for buying health pots, and for pvp which can't use any health potion.. and teleport useful for run from enemy..

    and dragon strike not usefull i thought because 2nd job you will have many good skill..

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    yeah it's very old and too short

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    stat i prefer dex/con.. when u reach high level.. u need that dex more than int.. not like old version off ghost online.. soulsaver dmg base on dex...

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    dex/con over int/con ?
    Well i think int/con is better in case u like pvp more than pve
    U may have lower dmg, but u have more mp to maintain Manashield.
    Higher lvl game mean higher dmg deal. Dex/con won't have much mp in later game, and when it come to pvp for ex a justice blader can easily break ur shield in 2 or 3 hit.
    Manashield is cancel when ur mp reach 0.

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