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    My recipe to fight against Blazing Ent

    As a lot of Soul Savers might have known, Blazing Ent is the most irritating quick quest of Soul Saver (level 99 and 100).
    It has crazy attack strength and attack range, just like a Dark Ent. But to make it worse, it has an ability to reflect 30% the damage we inflict on it. There are many who have even quit the game because of this thing. Understandable, actually. They just escaped the Dark Ents from level 97-98 and now they are faced with this...

    Now, the way to fight it:

    1) Its ability is really annoying, especially for big damage dealer like Fencers, Claw Assassin and Fighters. The avarage dame I've seen from these jobs at level 99 is around 18k. So 30% of that is going to be near 6k (OMG). Those who go more to Strength stats suffer less but 6k is still most of their HP (Even level 104 fighter with mostly strength has only 7k5 HP). For others who go with DEX, it means absolute death. So either way, you die. And if you die, you get a -2% penalty. Meaning you are going to have to hunt 275 Blazing Ents AGAIN, just to get to where you originally were. (T.T)

    ---> the key is keeping yourself alive if you want to escape that monster quickly. There are two ways to do this:
    - Use Resurrection Scroll. This revives you after you die and it cancels the -2% penalty. Pretty neat but you need heaps of mCash if you want to have enough for the whole time you are at level 99-100.
    - Use the pet defending option. You will need an evolved pet, which means you need to train your pet to at least level 6. Pet shields make you completely nullified to every damage you take and transfer the damage onto the pet. So of course you will need pet food. To compensate with the pet food, however, you don't need to buy your own HP refills.

    2) Another problem is your own damage. Your damage at level 99-100 would be considerably high, especially for pure DEX users.

    ---> The key here would be keeping your damage low.
    - For people who has more mCash, just go get yourself an AllSkillReset. This resets all your skill, thus you will still be able to deal more damage with job2 skills. After resetting, get the basic skills and double jump to full, your level 10 buff skill to full and then pump into nothing else. Let all skills stay at 1 at have a go at them ! This ensure your low damage, keeping you alive too.
    - For others, the golden rule is: "Abandon that good 9x weapon you're holding !". Remember, you need to keep your damage low, so change to a 1x weapon ! And to make it even better, take the opposite of what you've been using. (For example, if you are a fan mage, switch to a level 10 staff and use staff skills, sword -> katana, fist -> claw, etc...)
    *Note: If you are wearing any dame buffing Accessories then take them off and replace them with ones that raise CON and Evasion.

    My own recipe is:
    - An Eagle at level 6 with a lot of food to back it up.
    - Reset Skills (with this, I don't have to abandon my weapon)
    - Evasion Earrings
    - CON ring
    - Ghost Blood Necklace (buff HP and Evasion)
    - Lunhea's Bracelet (buff HP)
    - KILL !!!

    I hope this works for you. If anyone has another way against these things, please feel free to share ! ^^

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