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Thread: Mega Update

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    Mega Update

    Mega Update!
    Доработка дизайна.

    Design improvement

    Nice look spoilers

    New bbcode -
    CPU Disasm
    Address   Hex dump          Command                                  Comments
    0066AA5D  |. /75 1F         JNE SHORT 0066AA7E
    0066AA5F  |. |8B48 3C       MOV ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+3C]
    0066AA62  |. |03C8          ADD ECX,EAX
    0066AA64  |. |8139 50450000 CMP DWORD PTR DS:[ECX],4550
    0066AA6A  |. |75 12         JNE SHORT 0066AA7E
    0066AA6C  |. |0FB741 18     MOVZX EAX,WORD PTR DS:[ECX+18]
    0066AA70  |. |3D 0B010000   CMP EAX,10B
    0066AA75  |. |74 1F         JE SHORT 0066AA96
    0066AA77  |. |3D 0B020000   CMP EAX,20B
    0066AA7C  |. |74 05         JE SHORT 0066AA83
    0066AA7E  |> 895D E4       MOV DWORD PTR SS:[EBP-1C],EBX
    0066AA81  |.  EB 27         JMP SHORT 0066AAAA
    0066AA83  |>  83B9 84000000 CMP DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+84],0E
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