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    Rift chloromancer lv 35 build and guide

    The chloromancer build is good for solo or group playing. Build has good healing spells (pet or tank). Pet threat generation sucks and you will steal aggro half of the time, but if you lay off the pure damage you can have it tank even bosses in tier 5 minor rifts. you will have good damage (for a mage that is) and be able to main heal some dungeon bosses. Primary build designed to DPS rather than cast heals or support spells. Bad sides are the pet not keeping aggro and long casts with no pushback reduction.

    single target damage: ★★★★
    aoe damage: ★★★
    tank heal: ★★★★★
    group and self heal: ★★★

    skill explanation:
    Earth elemental or Air elemental-pets, only 1 at a time, earth is better in my opinion.
    Stone armor-extra armor is always nice.
    Lifegiving veil-this allows you to heal with your damage.
    Synthesis-this skill gives you the ability to heal your target more then the rest of the group(you can put it on pet),it has 15 sec cooldown so sometimes you have to be careful (if doing rifts) who you put it on. this buff works really well with "Nature's touch" spell.
    Living energy-10% reduced ability cost. Very useful for whole group.

    Healing spells:
    Bloom-not all that good healing and 10 sec cooldown. useful for healing some1 other than the tank
    Flourish-good aoe heal,20 sec cooldown. Useful to bring group up after a nasty boss aoe
    Essence surge-heal 100% hp,2 min cooldown but reduces damage dealt for 12 sec. Emergency heal also since after use damage reduced its advised to use the 2 heal spells above after it, instead on relying on the following spell.
    Nature's touch- even tho this is a damage spell its your main tank heal(thus I listed it here). Great healing but 6 sec cooldown. I usually always brought tank back to full hp with it. !ONLY WORKS GREAT ON THE PERSON WITH SYNTHESIS ON!

    AOE spells:
    Burning ground-fire damage aoe (thus less heal). Very good DPS, not spammable, select ground on which it will be cast.
    Corrosion-life aoe, very good dps, not spammable, works only around you.
    Nature's fury: life aoe, medium dps, works by bouncing from target to target thus sometimes getting unwanted attention, not spammable

    Single target spells(not dot effects stack on same mob):
    Ruin-instant cast damage + dot damage,very good dps, cooldown
    Searing vitality-fire dot, nice for adding extra endurance buff(only need to use it every 5 min)
    Withering vine-dot, that hot targets around the mob you cast it on, can be used on different mobs for more hot effect, spammable
    Vile spores- damage on cast + dot damage, medium dps, spammable, use when everything else on cooldown
    Stream of reclamation-channeled, great dps, cooldown

    There are more abilities like a resurrect "Seed of life" and an outside combat mana regeneration "revitalize", but other than than not too much useful skills.

    Main single target rotation: Nature's touch when up, Withering wine every time it fades from target, Ruin when up, Stream of Reclamation when up, else Vile spores. Also throw in Searing Vitality once in a while for the buff.
    If fighting more mobs cast the 3 aoe's then proceed with single target rotation.
    by esse47

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