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    Thumbs up Public Free Rift Bot - 0.1 Beta - Anti AFK + Source Code (C#)

    Product: Free Rift bot (Anti-Afk)
    Source: C#.. SRC Included.
    Author: JayTheDev@AceticSoft
    Required: .Net 3.5+

    Type: Passive (not detected by triyawn) rename the .exe (ex: notepad.exe)

    Hey guys!

    So I've been getting PM's and messages from the get go for AceticSoft to release a Anti-AFK bot so here she is!

    Well its beta version which im sure you guys will want me to add/take away some things to it which is fine just post your ideas.
    Also, I really want to light a spark under the butts of those members trying to become developers themselves, so Ill include the source code with this release as it doesn't deal with any sensitive data we don't want trion knowing. ^_^

    The program is non-invasive, and uses simulated key strokes. So technically its won't ever be detected as all it does is grab the rift window handle and sends simulated background key strokes to client.

    I made a Demo video with seconds just to see how it works, but the internal will be in minutes.

    YouTube Video

    Read Me:
    File Name: AceticAFKBot.exe
    Version: 0.1beta
    Usage: Anti-AFK Bot for rift, WF... etc
    Very easy!
    1. Load and login rift... get in the game world!
    2. Enter in the internal in which you want the bot to send key strokes at. (default=5 minutes)
    3. Click the "Start Timer" button until you see the red check mark come up on the GUI.
    4. As long as your ingame, your good to go!
    5. Done!
    Virus Total:

    Attached is the .rar containing the AntiAfkBot, and the other is the Src_bin( C# source code) of the project.

    Thank you for all your support guys, and please donate to the website if you can or check out our sponsors on the top and bottom of the page.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

    Owner and CEO @ - MMO Development Community.

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