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    Rift PvP Tracker 1.6.1.d - Track Players, Aggro and NPC's

    Enjoy it, everything should work for Patch 1.6.1

    Test it so as a freeware please use at your own risk! Trion doesn't play around. I suggest using a hide driver(explained In donator section of aceticsoft) renaming the process etc.

    Read Me:

    Version: 1.6 free edition

    Usage: Tracking Players, Aggro Mobs and NPC's

    (This is a FREE edition that is only a limited time!)
    [Please visit to become a donator, which means you get access to ALL the hacks available even if their new!)


    Very easy!

    1. Load and login rift... get in the game world!

    2. Click the "Attach" button.

    3. lower on the GUI you should see a Status: "attached to ryft = good" if it says anything else somethings wrong/outdated..

    4. As long as your ingame,and attach properly (and not out of date!) your good to go!

    5. Done!

    Come join us over at, we offer many other hacks to solo bosses, Track Artifacts
    fly mode, no collision, walk under water hack and more!

    Features: Track Players (useful for pvp), Aggro Mobs and NPC's, randomized window title, all app data de-referenced.

    Virus Total: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

    (packed with reactor so just a small false positive for the noobs)
    Change Log:
    **Now checks SQL data base to make sure software is upto date.
    **Working properly for pvp dec.12.2011

    I don't take any credits it goes all for Jay wich owns
    But if somehow i did help you out to find this, you can still thanks me.
    Don't be guest Dwar and Grooguz does not like this.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    Once I get everything up for 1.8 , I may re-release this..
    Owner and CEO @ - MMO Development Community.

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    We Ill W8 Your next Work

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