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    Rift Turbo Keys Spammer with Anti AFK

    Turbo Keys is a new and innovative software program designed to allow playing Rift & World of Warcraft at a much higher level of performance than could ever be achieved before!

    What is so special about Turbo Keys?
    Turbo Keys functions to improve performance while in game. The Key Turbo function (while enabled), sends 30 Keystrokes per second into the game window. This rapid keystroke input sometimes catches the global cooldown between function and exploits a failure in the game designs and will sometimes bypass it. The player only needs to press and hold down the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,-,= Keys. This relieves the player from having to spam keystrokes repeatedly to catch the global cooldowns of spells and abilities thus improving their performance. Turbo Keys also has an Anti AFK feature which allows the user to step away from their keyboard without having to type anything out. It simply sends a very fast left, then right keystroke into the game window every 15 seconds, keeping the games from automatically disconnecting the player. Other players may see your character twitch slightly.

    The program also has a fun feature that plays infamous Duke Nukem sound clips while making your character say it in game along with an emote, quotes like "Its Time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum...and Im all outta gum"

    This program is just a very simple visual basic app that uses very basic api and bypasses the windows interface to send keystrokes into the Rift window. It is 100% undetectable as it does not operate within the memory space of the game. It also has a changing window title so its process cant be locked onto.

    Note: Many gaming keyboards have a function that is similar but poor by comparison, where the keyboard can be programmed with macros that send multiple keystrokes when pressed, BUT...these macro functions only send a specific amount of keystrokes and will continue to send keystrokes until the macro is completed. Turbo Keys immediately stops sending keystrokes the moment the key is released.

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    Download Rift Turbo Keys

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