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    warrior/berserker max damage build :D

    get as many levels of final wrath as u want, u just need at least one, dont put too many tho its not extremely useful, same goes for courage, lvl 1 gives 25 atk boost after that only goes up by 4 or so. also, get 1 lvl of the DNA for empowered final wrath to double that first level, same with courage. now u just got a 50 attack boost with 1 skill point and 1 DNA point. u can put more into them tho if u want for even more atk, but i feel like its not worth it. then at lvl 5 switch to berserker and be sure to get 2 hand weapon mastery and wrath awakening for even more attack. again put more points into it if u want more attack but its up to u. all these combined u have the highest attack possible go 2 hit mobs lol.

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