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Thread: Rex Mount Quest

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    Rex Mount Quest

    Lost Rex Cage (1)

    Speak with Ioxenic Researcher Toul to investigate the Rex Cart.

    Hello, I'm Ioxenic head researcher Rucia. My job is to breed Rexes and provide them to Temperions. Rexes were extinct a long time ago, but have been recreated through Ioxenic's genetic engineering. I've come here after getting the report that the carriage transporting Rex cages from Hammermine Wood was attacked recently. If you can retrieve the Rex cages, I'll give you your own Rex as a reward. If you want to help, then talk to Ioxenic reseracher Toul in front of the village. You can find him at the small bivouac near the southern three street intersection from Mercy Gate.

    Target: Toul

    * Note: To get to Toul go out of the South Mercy Gate and head to (N) 2008.23 (S) 646.21

    Part 2

    Investigate the Rex Cage.


    It seems that the carriage coming from the Ruined Hateque to Nova Lux was attacked by Blackhands. They have attacked the carriage with the intent of stealing money and took some of the Rex cages, but they left a few behind. I took one of them and sent it to Rucia. Would you help me investigate the cages the Blackhands left? I have to wait for a messenger sent by Rucia so please come back after investigating the Rex cages. You should be able to find one on the way from Lux Beach to Lux Plains.

    Target: Toul


    S2: Update has moved to the "Lux Plains" wingrider (Towards the SE corner of the map). N:2733, S:422

    The safest way to find a Rex Cage is to go to the Wingrider station that says "Lux Plains" (walk from town or fly if you're in a hurry), then walk back on the road towards Lux Beach. You go through a narrow canyon; when you exit the canyon you'll find a burning carriage to your right, with one "Empty Rex Cage" (around N2525.20,S596.50) nearby.

    Part 3

    Collect 20 Rex Cage keys from Blackhands and get them to Rucia.


    Rucia's messenger arrived while you were gone and asked me to find the key to the Rex cage. I'm sure that the Rex is suffering, cooped up in the cage for so long, so we need to let it out before it's too late. The Blackhands probably took the keys, but there's no way to tell which key will unlock the Rex cage you found. I guess the only thing you can do is take a bunch of keys from Blackhand Purgee Burglars around the Ruins of Lament and Cyclone Heights in Lux Plains. After you retrieve 20 keys and bring them to Rucia, you should be able to have the one that will unlock the Rex cage you found.

    Target: Rucia

    Rucia can be located at: (N423.76, S667.70) Inside Nova Lux. Mercy Street.

    Deliver a Ring of Keys to Locksmith Brea in Nova Lux.

    Note: This is actually the Locksmith Brea, he is located in the shop near the transporter on the west side of Mercy Street.


    I...I still can't find the right key! They're shaped like the ones we use, but... Hmm. I know what we can do. Bring these keys to Locksmith Brea in Nova Lux. He'll be able to create a composite, skeleton key out of the ones that you found.

    Target: Brea

    Part 5

    Get Cambarid's Claws from Cambarids and bring them to Brea.


    Sure, I can take these keys and make a skeleton key for all of them. Hmm, but I'll need some materials to make this. Would you hunt Cambarids on the seashore and bring me 8 Cambarid's Claws? Once you do that, I can make the key right away.

    Target: Brea


    * Cambarids are south of Ruined Herek near the sea

    Part 6

    Deliver All-Round Key make by Brea to Rucia.


    It's done: this key should be able to open any Rex cage. You'd be better to hurry and bring it to Rucia.

    Target: Rucia

    Part 7

    Ask Toul for any clues about the remaining Rex cages.


    Thank you, I'll try to open the Rex cage with this key. Now, we need to find the remaining Rex cages. Please return to Toul; he just sent word that he learned something about the location of the last Rex cage.

    Target: Toul

    Part 8

    Subjugate Koont Warrior to get suspicious paper and deliver it to Toul.


    You know, I've been asking around about the lost Rex cages once you told me about the problem. Some Temperions and peddlers near Cyclone Heights told me that they saw some Blackhands and Koont Warriors trading some kind of paper. Please bring it back to me. I'm sure it's related to the lost Rex cages.

    Target: Toul

    Part 9

    Investigate the Ruined Hateque, on the eastern part of Cyclone Heights. Then go back to the Ionexic Researcher Toul.


    Yes, I was right! This is a map that shows the location of the Rex cage we're looking for. It should be outside of Cyclone Heights. You must rescue the 20 remaining Rexs from the cages. Oh, but be careful! A few of the cages are traps! If you touch the fake cages, Blackhands will be alerted and attack you.

    Target: Toul


    * The cages that spawn the Blackhands will always spawn Blackhands
    * Rex cages can be found south of the respawn point located south of Ruined Herek. If you walk towards the fence at the edge of the map, the cage on the left side directly at the fence is a real cage. (There are 3 real Rex cages -> Look Media:3cages.jpg)
    * A good spot for cages is around N3499.50,S1168.18. Take note of which cages give you rex's...They seem to always produce rex's. Just wait for them to "respawn" (give them time to reset) and go nuts!


    Report to Rucia about your rescue of the Rexes.


    We've retrieved all of our lost Rexes thanks to your help. Please report your success to Rucia. I'm sure that she'll be very pleased.

    Target: Rucia


    * To receive the Rex, you must pay Rucia 5,000 Lant

    Remember : Rucia is standing at 430 669

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