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    Beginners guide to earning Lant

    Earning Lant in-game is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you follow the directives listed below.

    1. You only start out with 1 bag.
    * You get extra bags at levels 5, 10 and 15 from the NPC's in Kurt.
    * The fifth bag can be purchased using the item mall with a duration of 30 days.
    2. Buy and do the scroll quests, you will be killing the same mobs for the normal quests.
    3. Pick up everything, (Auto pickup is linked to the hotkey "H").
    4. Reduce gear that you do not need to obtain xeons.
    * Reducing can be expensive and is better if using the Reduction Hammer. This can be purchased from the Item Mall or exchange for lant from another trust worthy players.
    5. Put up for auction the items that are reinforced jewels, S1 items, or raid items, they give better stats and sell easier. Check out the auction house prices for the same item and list it at a similar price.
    6. Selling IM points, FoC points, or even SvS xeons can be exchanged for lant.
    * IM xeons, FoC gear, and SvS xeons are not bound to character and can be sold to another player.

    1. Earning lant by farming xeons can be done:
    1. Start another new character (mainly one that has massive AoEs).
    2. Kill mobs that are 3 levels below, there will be less XP gained but item drops still occur. The slower you level up the more gear drops you will get.
    3. Reduce all gears obtained.
    4. Sell the Xeons in the AH.

    1. Finally DO NOT under any circumstances beg for Lant or Xeons. This gives your name a bad reputation and even the guild you are in.

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    i suggest a good char for farming would be mystic. its easier to level up at lower levels and you can just farm non stop once it reaches lvl50. i could reach lvl60 without doing a single quest

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    agree..Mystic will be one good farmer..the 2nd one is Tempest.. got 1 too for Tempest n want to try Mystic

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