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    Quite Usefull Guide For BattleMag

    Well i am a new member here, i used for a long time the dwar hack, so now i am playing this game again. but is outdated.

    First of all , the skills.
    Lightning Chill Slash (LVL1)
    Natural Healing (LVL1)
    Lightning Chill Throw (LVL10) + DNA MAX
    Absorbing Energy (LVL1)
    Flame Curse Strike (LVL5 or LVL10 up to you)
    Instant Healing (LVL1)
    Raging Strike (LVL10)
    Mysterious Storm (LVL10) + DNA ( i used only up to 5 or 4)
    Invisible Arrow (LVL5)
    Wave of Healing (LVL10)

    Doing Solo is quite easy, but with friends is peace of cake.
    At the begining dont waste points on LCS is not worth it. just lvl up with ur fist! When you get LCT is easier
    Just put yourself in a save range an use Lightning Chill Throw.
    If you are fighting with some though monster just run in circles and use the best skill that you have.. probably will be the same LCT. (Lvl1-Lvl30) :P
    Flame Curse is a must for the pvp the stun works pretty well.
    I recommend you to find some people and do the quests of highers levels. Playing solo i quite boring sometimes.

    Now that i am back on requiem i will update this post when i have more time. and answer some questions if i am able to.

    Good luck

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    hola dondo666... ist nice to be BM..are Ur guide for FOC 49??? coz maybe someone level up their BM to be Druid or Elem.. can U give some advice for Elem???

    nice guide dondo.. thanks.

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