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    Damage Calculator for Rangers based on Excel (In development)

    Trying to develop a damage calculator for Rangers based on Ms Excel.
    Currently, the calculator is focused on the hotly debated CA, DS and AV (in playpark forum). Haste and vigor modifier are factored in. Main Ranger skill effect will also provide a separate results as average damage/DPS since this skills is chance based passive.

    Things to note:

    - Please only edit the value with YELLOW background unless you know what you are doing.
    - Arrow vulcan cast time is instant, but the exact animation delay is unknown in this calculator. This value is important for a more accurate results. The 10s CD is negligible as it will be usually fully cycled when you can/want to recast it. Vigor modifier makes this even more the reason to ignore it's CD.
    - You only need to input the number of shots from CA, the rest will be filled in automatically, assuming you used up all the focus points immediately.
    - The stacking modifier for fear breeze is set at 2.5 stacks. One may argue you can stock up focus points and stack up to 3-5 immediately but remember your first few charge arrows start from no stack at all. However, feel free to modify the stack modifier if you feel your timing strategy deserves the increase in average stack at any time.

    Relatively a new guy in the field of creating damage calculator. Still have a lot of stuffs to learn and data to gather to perfect this calculator


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