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    RO2 - Scar's Guide to the other Perfect Support Class

    Please note the following guide is subject to opinions. My feelings towards certain features may differ than that of yours.

    You're reading this thread and I know what you're thinking: "Ugh. Another full support priest guide. Done."
    Well, think again. This guide will not be about priests (although they are no doubt very good healers!).
    In this thread, we will be discussing the pros and cons of a full support sorcerer.

    Now, before you start raging and go, "but Scar! That's what priests are for!", please take some time to go through my guide and my opinions of a support class sorcerer.

    Now, I know there are many, many other full support sorcerer guides out there, but this one differs a little from the rest. You'll see.

    Why a Sorcerer? Why not a Priest?
    Again, there is no doubt whatsoever that a full support priest is probably the best healer in the game, but a full support sorcerer is nearly at par. And for the small loss in healing ability (very, very little), you have a lot more pros ahead of you as a sorcerer.

    Sure, you won't get the ability to heal in the first half of your job unlike an acolyte. You're going to have to go through a bit more of a strive towards your goal as a full support healer, but in the end, it's completely worth it.

    For the small price of a small portion of your healing ability (priests vs sorcerer), you will still have the ability to deal a decent size DPS, and if you ever regret going full support, at any time, you may use a skill reset scroll to turn yourself into a full, bad-ass, most overpowered(?) DPS in the game -- a full DPS Sorcerer (although this is not what this thread is about). And even if you don't regret it and you have the spare money to spend, you can alternate between the two whenever you wish (hybridizing a sorcerer not recommended but possible).

    My Recommendations
    Although, this section should not actually part of the guide, I'd like to leave this here for those who may be interested in the profession I recommended.


    Why? Because POTIONS. You will need potions, and rather than buying crappy NPC store sold potions or other alchemists' overpriced alchemy potions, you can make your own! That's why. Oh, and of course, near the end, Oridecon and Ernium Crystals, which are used to upgrade 40+ equipment, which I find way more useful than Drills and Runes (because you can buy these at a way cheaper price than if you were to look for crystals.). But my main emphasis on this profession is POTIONS. As an alchemist, you will be saving yourself lots and lots of zeny that can be used towards more end-game gear, drills, and runes, not to mention the oh so precious inventory space you'll be saving but having to buy less potions to heal more wounds and SP.

    Stats, Numbers, and more Stats
    You have a small number of options to go between here.
    • The common 40 INT / 40 AGI / 8 WIS
    • The less common 50 INT / 29 AGI / 1 WIS?
    • And one I've yet to run into 41 INT / 41 AGI

    I personally favor the 1st option over the rest because of that extra WIS. Although 7 points extra in WIS is not much, the 70 extra SP is not too shabby. That could save your life in the event you forget to pot.
    You could use those extra stat points for the 3rd option, but that extra 1 INT / 1 AGI doesn't seem to make much of a difference at all, to me.
    As for the 2nd option, it's not bad, but you're throwing away a lot of AGI for only 10 more INT with 2 stat points left to spare that may as well go into WIS.

    The 1st option is the best way to go in this guide.

    Talents, Skills, Abilities, or Whatever you may call them
    Now this is the part where you go, "what in the world are you thinking?"

    Part 1 - Magician
    Following this guide, you're going to end up spamming Lightning Bolt for the first half of your magician life. It's the best magician DPS there is while you've yet to change classes. You may end up learning Jupitel Thunder if you wish, although Jupitel Thunder Mastery is not recommended in this guide.
    By the time you reach Izrud Cave Dungeon, you should be level 25, which is perfect, because you'll be the healer of the party. In Wolf Cave, you will have to be the DPS, but focus on using Fire Bolt more than Lightning Bolt. You're not the main DPS (or at least shouldn't be) of the party. Fire Bolt will save you mana while you fight through the dungeon.

    From levels 1-25, you will have 24 Skill Points to use. Unfortunately, in this guide, we will end up only using 2 of those 24 points. Wait, wait, before you call me crazy, which I probably am, keep this in mind: You're striving towards a full support sorcerer. Dealing damage is not your goal, although you will need to in order to make it towards your goal for the first half (1-25).

    Those points will be spent on:
    • 1 SP into Frost Diver
    • 1 SP into Seal of Water

    Why? Because you're going to need these two skills in order to reach the second half of your Water Skill Tree as a sorcerer, which will be necessary as a healer.

    Why not invest into Cold Bolt (the best bolt there is as a magician!)? Because you're not really going to end up using it a lot later on. Rather than spending those 4 points in Cold Bolt, you could be 4 points ahead (plus the 22 other skill points you'll have saved up by level 25) in your sorcerer class!

    Will you end up unlocking the Lightning Skill Tree? Well, that's entirely (partially) up to you. Read on and decide for yourself (or follow me~).

    Now listen up. For those rich baddies who have money to spare, the placement of your 1st 24 skill points will not matter if you're willing to purchase and use a Skill Reset Scroll. If that is the case, you may as well skip towards the second half of this skill guide.

    Part 2 - Sorcerer
    Now, this is where the fun part begins!
    You're finally a sorcerer, your (hopefully) dream class~

    You should (if you followed through) have 26 Skill Points to spare the moment you changed jobs. Although this is a guide, I will not be guiding you through the job changing procedure, as that part should be quite straightforward (talk to the Sorcerer Job Changer in Prontera and follow through).

    The second you change jobs, your skill tree should look something like this:
    Now, there may be a bit of variation between the distributions of skill points into your second job.
    This is what I recommend, but there are other ways you may maneuver around through your second job.
    Rather than 5 points into Deluge, there are two other ways I can recommend you use those points (you will still end up maxing out Deluge in the end.
    • 4 points into Earth Shield and 1 point into Deluge
    • 2 points into Soul Binding, 2 points into Earth Shield, and 1 point into Deluge
    • 2 points into Soul Binding and 3 points into Deluge

    I personally favor either the initial setup in the screenshot or the 3rd option.
    Why not recommend Earth Shield? Because it's not really as useful as it seems, though still quite useful. Despite the skill's description, it does not add 20% into your defense rate, it adds 20% into your defense points. Doesn't sound quite as useful anymore, does it? It may be useful if you have a tank in the party, but even then, the tank should not be dying if you are doing your job as a support correctly.

    In the end, you will still end up maxing out Earth Shield, Deluge, and Soul Binding.

    By 50, this is the build this guide is aiming towards:
    NOTE: This build will leave you with 10 Skill Points to spare! Use them wisely.
    Those 10 skill points also have their way making it through towards level 50.
    • 4 points into Meditation, 4 points into Rejuvination, and 2 points whatever else you wish (SuperMaxSupport)
    • 2 points into Meditation, 1 point into JT Mastery, Foresight, LoV, and 5 points into Varetyr Spear (DPS1)
    • 4 points into Meditation, 4 points into Cold Bolt, and 3 points into JT Mastery (DPS2)
    • Any other way you wish, as you are already a full support Sorcerer by the time you have 10 extra Skill Points

    I personally prefer either option 2 or 3 (option 2 more because of VS), because of the ability to deal even a little more DPS, for the time you may be soloing.
    If you do choose option 3, you may as well max out Cold Bolt during your 1st job and use it instead of Lightning Bolt.

    Well guys, that's my guide. I hope you do find it useful, whether or not you decide to follow it.
    If you have any questions or comments, please do post them, but before you start flaming, please read the very first line in this thread.
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