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    Basic Things about Guild.

    Guild Requirement.
    -To make a guild you will need to require an item named Emperium.
    -The item should be like this
    -An Emperium is dropped by: Baphoment, Mimic, Golden Thief Bug and alot more.

    Creating Guild.
    -With the Emperium is inside your inventory, type /guild "your guild name"
    -For example : /guild "The Fraternity"

    Creating Guild Emblem.
    Now the guild is created, sure you need an identity mark for your guild which is Guild Emblem.
    -Only Guild Leaders can choose and implement Guild Emblems. To put implement a Guild Emblem use the following procedure:

    1. Make sure that the image file intended to be used as the Guild Emblem is 24×24 pixel Bitmap (.bmp) format file in at 256 colors (8bit). The size should be like this.
    NOTE: The transparency color for guild emblems has the RGB values (255, 0, 255), or you may use the hex value #FF00FF.
    Example :

    2. Create a directory named “emblem” in the RagnarokOnline file directory. By default, the RO file directory is C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO.

    3. Copy or Move the Guild Emblem bitmap file to the emblem directory you have just created.

    4. Log into the Ragnarok Online game and open the Guild menu (Alt+G) and click on the `EDIT` button. If you have done all the steps correctly, the name of your Guild Emblem file should be available in the Drop-Down Menu, select it and it will be set as your Guild’s emblem.

    NOTE : The EDIT button should be beside the guild emblem.

    Guild Features.
    - ctrl+g will bring up the guild menu. There you will see your guild mates, guild skills, territory etc. For guild leader, you can give/take certain guild features such as invite, kick, set tax level etc functions to members in the guild.

    - To talk in guild chat, you can do it in 3 ways.
    >Choose ‘guild chat’ by clicking the lower right circle on your global chat and message box.
    >Start the sentence with the $ symbol. Example: “$ hi guildies!” without the qoutes.
    >Start the sentence with /gc. Example “/gc hi guildies!” without hte quotes.

    - A list of guild skills can be found here. Only guild leader can use them and most (if not all) are limited to be used only during War of Emperium (WoE). To get guild skills, member of the guild have to devote part of their base experience point of up to 50% to level up the guild. The guild leader or any guild member with the permission can set the EXP devotion level (also know as ‘tax’) for each member. Usually guild leader is not recommended to put ‘tax’ on members’ EXP unless the member offered to help.

    - For any guild that want to participate in War of Emperium (WoE), the guild must have the guild skill Approval (also know as Official Guild Approval). Without the skill, member in the guild will not be able to hit an emperium during WoE.

    Leaving Guild and Deleting Guild.
    -At the guild menu ctrl+g, look for the member list tab and then find your name in it. Right click your name and you should see the leave guild option. Choose it. This will erase all your ties with the guild, including any experience you generated to level up the guild.

    -for deleting guild, type /breakguild "yourguildname". Example : /breakguild "The Fraternity"

    Important Note: You must kick all of your guild mates first, leaving only the leader (you) in the guild.

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