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    Smile Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide


    I've put this guide together to assist newbies and returning players with all the changes that have occurred to Ragnarok Online since the Renewal updates. I have done this because during my review of the updates I could not find any decent guides on the subject; almost every guide I found was made several years before the changes took place.

    All of the leveling guides were also outdated so I thought I might as well make a new one.

    All of the following information are things I had to piece together from multiple sources (wikis, forums, etc) and my own personal experience with the game.

    This guide is divided into three sections:

    I. Renewal Changes
    II. Fast Solo Leveling
    III. How to Make Zenny Easily

    More sections will be added as this guide is revised.

    I. Renewal Changes

    Ragnarok Online was originally released in 2002. The International version of the game was frequently updated but generally used the same mechanics, until October 2010 when Gravity implemented what they call the "Renewal Update". The Renewal Update made dramatic changes to the game's design. A complete summary of the changes can be found here.

    The most important changes are as follows:

    The amount of experience needed to level up has been dramatically reduced.
    3rd Jobs have been added for First Class characters (Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Merchant and Archer classes) who are Base level 99, Job Level 50 in their Second Job. A list of all the current Jobs can be found here.
    After becoming a 3rd Job, the base Level cap increases for these characters from level 99 to 150. They can also spend stat points to increase a stat to 120.
    The game now offers free to play servers with the option to make an account "VIP" for a month to three months. VIP accounts have several benefits, including a x1.5 experience and monster drops multiplier. They also have access to an NPC in the 'Eden Group' that awards a free +7 bonus to all stats for half an hour.
    The old servers are gone. International Ragnarok Online (iRo) now has three servers; Ymir (High population server F2P) and Valkyrie (high population F2P) and Yggdrasil (low population F2P). All existing accounts were moved to Ymir by default but you can pay to have your characters moved to different servers. Info about the different servers can be found here.
    The damage algorithm has completely changed.
    There is no longer a bonus for having multiples of 10 in a stat.
    Status ailment immunities can no longer be obtained by having certain stat point levels (e.g Having 100 VIT meant you were immune to 'Stun'. This is no longer true). Immunities now depend on having gear.
    The cast time algorithm has been altered to incorporate two parts; a fixed cast time (that can be reduced with equipment bonuses) and a stat variable cast time (this can be reduced by having DEX). Some skills also have cooldowns (that can be reduced by equipment bonuses) and there is a global cooldown (no skills can be used for a set time) after the use of some skills.
    The Graphical User Interface has received some improvements; Job skills are better organized, there is a Quests tab and Kafra Storage organizes items much better than before with a Search option. There is also an in-game World Map.
    A "looking for group" system has been added. This option appears under the 'Booking' tab of your GUI.
    All Ragnarok Online game accounts have had their passwords reset and must be connected to a Master account. Details can be found here.
    Monsters now have levels. You must be within 5 levels of a monster's own level in order to receive 100% of their experience; if they are lower than 5 levels then you receive less experience from them. Leveling on monsters 10 to 15 levels higher than your character is the optimal way to get experience now. There is now also a penalty on the drop rates of monster if you are much higher level than the monster (this makes it harder to farm items using high level characters).
    Many skills have received slight changes (example: Crusader's Spear Quicken now works on one handed spears).
    The War of Emperium Guild PVP event has been revised. There is now a point system for Guild Alliances (currently disabled for review).
    Some of the user interface keyboard commands have changed. The current list of commands can be found here.

    The client for the International version of the game can be found here.

    The new servers; Ymir, Yggdrasil and Valkyrie.

    So Many Changes! What Build Should I use for my Old Characters?

    Fear not, most character skill builds that were effective before Renewal are still valid. However, depending on how you were handling your stat points you may need to use a Reset stone to reset your stats to best optimize your character for the new mechanics. You can also reset your skill tree to change your build by purchasing a Neuralizer Box (You can purchase these items from the Kafra item mall using micropayments through the WarpPortal website).

    For Pre-Renewal characters, there is a skill reset NPC inside the Eden Group Headquarters that will reset your skills and stats, free of charge once per character.

    Characters below base level 40 may also use this NPC to reset their skill trees.

    I will note the overwhelming majority of character build guides to be found online were created pre-Renewal (before October 2010). They are outdated when it comes to equipment and leveling spots. As I would need to play every class in the game to create new guides myself, I will simply wait for people who already have the characters to make new guides for Renewal. I will then link to those guides in this section.

    I've never played before and have so many questions!

    There are a variety of places online that you can get support for the game. One of these is IRO Wiki, which has a FAQ page that addresses most common questions newbies have. IRO Wiki also has a forum for users to discuss the game.

    Another popular site is RO Empire. The forums are a good place to ask questions.

    The GameFAQ's forums for Ragnarok Online are also fairly active.

    You can also check out the official game forums hosted by Gravity.

    People are saying things like "B> Alcohol", telling me to use "BB" and asking if I want to go to "Bio"?! What does all this nonsense mean?!

    Like many MMORPGs, the community of Ragnarok Online has developed a variety of abbreviations for commonly used phrases, skills, items, and dungeons.

    You can find the definitions of these terms at the official thread on the community forums.

    II. Fast Solo Leveling

    Tip: If you absolutely want to level as fast as you can I suggest spending some money to upgrade your account to VIP status so you can get the x1.5 experience bonus. You should do this even if you are playing on a free server. You should also buy some HE Battle Manuals from the Kafra Item Mall to further boost your experience, for a total of x2.5 experience boost.

    It may not seem like a big difference but as this guide focuses on questing, the experience boost is actually rather significant. You will essentially be getting experience for two and a half quests while only doing one quest. This combined with the experience from killing monsters (each monster kill is now worth two and a half monster kills!) will be more than enough to net you a few levels every 15 minutes. Without the experience multipliers you can expect to level at a much slower pace.

    And if you follow this guide during an experience boost event you will be receiving x6 experience! (For a more detailed understanding of how experience works in Ragnarok Online check the following page on iRo Wiki)

    How do I spend stat points so I can level the fastest and easiest way possible?

    This depends on your Job, though all characters should choose AGI as the defense stat over VIT because you'll consume less potions during combat (using less potions means spending less money which you don't have much of anyway). AGI improves your Flee, which allows you to dodge blows from enemies. AGI also increases your Attack Speed (ASPD), meaning you melee attack faster. DEX is also needed by everyone; DEX improves the chance to hit with melee attacks (many monsters have high flee ratings) and reduces spell casting time. For Archers and Gunslingers, DEX also improves the damage of their long range attacks.

    First Class Characters (Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Archer, and Acolyte).

    In general, melee characters level faster with STR/AGI/DEX builds, though Archers only need AGI and DEX (STR does not improve Bow damage).

    AGI and DEX should be bumped over any other stat such as STR; bring your AGI and DEX to 60+ before you start investing into STR, even if you're playing a Swordsman. It is okay to only have a STR of 10-15 until you are in your 70s. Your Eden weapon will deal plenty of damage by itself; it's more important to hit enemies with DEX and dodge them with AGI.

    Also, using an AGI build allows you to benefit from Concentration, Awakening, and Beserk Potions. These potions improve your ASPD significantly, allowing you to rapidly defeat enemies using only auto-attack.

    Spell-caster oriented characters such as Mages and Acolytes should go for an INT / AGI / DEX build. Since every time your character is struck they stop casting, AGI is the best defense stat for casters to level with. VIT focused spell-casters are primarily for PVP /MVP Hunting purposes and/or those who have Phen cards. (The only exception are Acolytes who intend to become Monks. Monks are a melee class, so you want to have a STR /AGI/ DEX build)

    INT will increase the damage of your spells while also increasing the amount of SP you have to cast spells with. It's a win-win situation.

    Once you reach level 99 you can transcend your character, basically restarting over at level 1 and becoming stronger in the process. On the road to 99 you should have obtained a large amount of zenny and some good equipment, so you can now choose any build you like as you re-level your character.

    Expanded Classes Characters
    Expanded Classes do not transcend so what you build is what you will have unless you use a Reset stone to re-spec later on. Although it costs real-life money to do so, if you want to level quickly use the following advice and just respec later. Otherwise, don't choose one of these classes for your first character; if you want a VIT centric build rather than an AGI one you will need to spend a lot of zenny on potions.

    Taekwon Kid and Ninja: These two classes level best as STR /AGI /DEX just like First Class melee characters do.

    Gunslinger: Slingers are easy. AGI/DEX are the two main stats you need. Gunslingers have no use for STR. You can also get some INT to help with skill-use.

    Super Novice: This depends if you want to become a spell-caster or melee oriented build. Use the same advice as for the First Class characters.

    If you want In-Depth Build Guide Information (such as what skills to choose for these build types) you can find that info at IRO Wiki on the 1st Job pages. Such information is outside the scope of this guide.

    Levels 1 to 12 : Tutorial Stage

    Go through the tutorial stage and speak to the NPCs. You will get a bunch of items and eventually be warped to a map where monsters spawn.

    When you reach the map where you must kill monsters, speak to the Thief NPC and use the manual so your character learns Double Attack. Now perform all the quests given by the Job NPCs and you should hit level 10, job 10 in a few minutes.

    Tip: Don't leave the tutorial until you hit level 12! This will allow you to perform some quests immediately after you leave the tutorial to get some good items.

    Now speak to the NPC who represents the 1st Job you want to become. He will transport you out of the tutorial and directly to the guildmaster.

    To become a 1st Job (Swordsman, Thief, Mage, etc) you no longer need to perform a quest. Simply speak to the guild master and he will transform you into the job you want to be.

    Levels 12 to 85: Eden Group Quest Leveling

    Since Renewal the fastest way to level up is to perform the Eden Group quests. There are two types of quests; Hunting quests that require you to kill a certain number of enemies and Collecting quests that require you to turn in a certain number of items. Most of the items for Collecting quests can be purchased from other players, which is beneficial to characters with low offensive ability like Merchants, Alchemists, Acolytes and Priests.

    This guide will focus on showing the locations of enemies for Hunting quests.

    The first quest you should do is the first Eden Group Equipment quest, which requires you to be level 12 to start.

    Tip: Do the Eden Equipment quests. The quests will net you unslotted equipment that is superior to most of the vanilla RO items due to the high levels of Defense and ATK the items have. The Eden items will allow you to smoothly level up without needing to farm carded weapons and armor.

    The Eden Group offers great equipment and the quests are super easy!

    Level 12 to 26.

    After completing the first equipment quest you should then speak to the level 11-25 board in the Eden Group building.

    Choose the Hunt Wormtails quest.

    If you save in Alberta and go two maps west you will find this map. You can quickly complete these quests and then use a Butterfly Wing to return to Alberta, speak to the Eden Group Teleporter and then turn in your quest. Do this until level 26.

    You can also do the 'Hunt Spores' quest. Spores are easiest to hunt one map East of Payon and if you travel two maps south from there you'll reach the Wormtails map.

    At level 26 perform the 2nd Eden Group Equipment quest which will net you a good item for your Job.

    Level 26 to 40

    At level 26 you can do the next Eden Equipment quest. Completing this quest will net you a free weapon with excellent damage for your class, so be sure to do it!

    The easiest leveling quests to do are 'Hunt Poison Spore' and 'Hunt Smokie'. Both enemies spawn on Mt. Mjolnir 06, which is one map North and one map east from Geffen. The turn in NPC is named Sponiac; he is in Geffen just a little west from the Kafra Storage girl.

    Once you reach level 35 you should take the quests 'Hunt Coco' and 'Hunt Elder Willow'. These two enemies spawn on Geffen Field 02, which is a'bit of a walk from Geffen but easiest to reach from Prontera.

    You can do these quests all the way to level 40 if you want. It shouldn't take long; if you're using Battle Manuals then you'll probably hit level 40 by the time you complete the Elder Willows quest.

    Alternately, if the Coco's map is crowded:
    At level 38 choose the Hunt Thara Frog quest. Go to Comodo and save at the Kafra NPC. Thara Frogs can be found one map east of Comodo so you can very quickly finish this quest, turn it in and then take it again.
    Tip: Watch out for the Nereid, who looks like a worm. He is level 98 and will kill you. If you see him coming use a Fly Wing to teleport away.

    If you run low on potions then save up all the Skele-Bones dropped by Megaldon. The same board you picked up the Thara Frog quest offers an item collection quest that exchanges Skele-Bones for 100 novice red potions.

    You can find the NPC to give the Skele-Bones near the entrance to Payon, south of the Kafra Storage NPC. His name is Dashia.

    (Note: If you are playing an Acolyte it is easier for you to perform the 'Collect Skele-Bone' mission. Simply Heal bomb the Skeletons in Payon Dungeon 01 and Soldier Skeletons in Payon Dungeon 02. (The Heal spell can be used as an attack against undead enemies; this is called "healbombing". To heal bomb, hold the 'shift' key and use Heal or type /noshift then target a monster with the Heal spell. ).

    Level 41 to 55

    Make sure you pickup the next Eden Equipment Quest from the NPC Instructor Boya in the Eden Group Headquarters.

    Not so coincidentally, at this level range the best quests to do are those for the Orc Village and Orc Dungeon:

    Kill 15 Orc Babies
    Kill 20 Orc Warriors

    Tip: Watch out for the MVP Orc Lord who spawns on the map. MVPs are only defeatable by level 90+ characters and he will one-shot you with his bolt attack. If you see him it is best to use a fly wing to teleport away.

    (Note: Acolytes may find it easier to perform the Kill 30 Megalodons quest. )

    Also make sure you do the 3rd Eden Equipment quest so you can get your second Eden weapon. After finishing this quest you can speak to the Eden Equipment NPC to add a +1 stat enchant to your Eden hat by choosing the "upgrade equipment" option.

    At around level 48-50 you should be able to handle these quests;

    Kill 15 Orc Skeletons
    Kill 30 Zenorcs

    The best map to complete them is the 2nd room of the Orc Dungeon.

    Tip: Watch out for Orc Archers. They are level 78 and hit harder than other enemies on the map.

    When to Job Change to a Second Class?:
    If you've been using Battle Manuals then around base level 41 you should reach Job level 40 (if not, it'll be somewhere around base level 51). First Class characters can change their Job once reaching Job level 40, becoming dramatically more powerful in the process.

    Although you can wait until Job level 50 to become your 2nd Job, it is recommended that you just switch as soon as your character has all the pre-requisite skills for their Second Job and those required to level. This should not require Job 50. First Class characters need to transcend at level 99 anyway, so there's little point in spending more time as a First Class than you need to. After you transcend, go for Job level 50 on your High Swordsman / Acolyte / whatever.

    Level 56 to 70

    The best quest to do is, "Kill 30 Alligators". Alligators spawn 3 maps east of Comodo so it is very fast to get back to the map after turning the quest in.

    Tip: Watch out for Mutant Dragonoid, he deals over 1k per blow and throws Fireballs. It is best to just run away from him.

    (Note: Acolytes may find it easier to "Kill 30 Mummy", or do the item turn in quests for sticky webfoot and maneater blossoms. )

    Level 71 to 85

    The best quests are for the Morroc Sphinx dungeon. It is located one map west of Morroc.

    First pickup the Eden Group quest from the board then go to Morroc to talk with Meidi (35, 174) at the western gate. She will ask you to hunt 10 Requiem, 10 Marduk and 10 Pasana. You must do all three of these quests at the same time in order to receive it from the Eden Group board again.

    Requiems can be found on the first and second floor of the Sphinx. Marduks can be found on the third. Pasana can be found on the third and fourth floors (they can also be found on the fifth floor but the MVP boss Pharaoh is also down there. I recommend not pushing your luck).

    Tip: Despite what the wiki says, there is no Eden Equipment quest for level 70 if you have already done the previous level ones. The level 70 quest was for players who were above level 70 when Eden Group was released.

    (Note: Priests may find it easier to perform the Glast Heim quests and use Magnus Exorcismus. )

    Levels 86 to 120: Post-Eden Group Leveling

    The Eden Quests stop once you reach level 86. You have several options available at this point, all of which involve grinding on mobs.

    Level 86 to 99

    You have several options at this level range.

    Hill Winds




    Desert Wolves

    All of these enemies can be found 2-3 maps north of Rachel (to get to Rachel, take the Airship from Izlude or Juno).

    Roweens also spawn on these maps and are good experience.

    Should I Transcend?
    If you are playing a First Class character type (Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Merchant or Archer) then at level 99, Job 50 you have the option to change to a Third Class or transcend your character, reseting them to level 1.

    There are several advantages to transcending; you get 25% more HP and SP, 100 stat points to spend at level 1 and access to the Transcendent Second Jobs which allow a max Job level of 70 instead of 50 along with special skills not accessible to non-transcendent characters.

    The downside to transcending is that you start over from level 1 and have to re-level your character. The experience required to level up is also increased, meaning you will level slower than you did before.

    Personally I believe the benefits of transcending outweigh the drawbacks, as it is the only way to make the strongest character possible. But you must make this decision at level 99 and you cannot change your mind later.

    Level 100 to 120

    Again, you have several options at this level range.

    Juperos Ruins Level 1


    Glast Heim Chivalry


    Veins Field 03 (One map North then one map West from Veins; kill the Magmarings.)


    Geffen Field 08 (Kill the Sky Petites)


    Magma Dungeon 02

    Level 121 to 150

    I have no advice for this point of the game yet. I imagine that you will want to party with other players at Nameless Island and Thor Volcano. From my prior experience with the game these are the two best dungeons to level at but I have not experienced this content in Renewal.

    You can also use this Experience Scaler tool to help you find other monsters. Enter your base level and it'll tell you the experience you will get from other monsters in the same level range.

    Good luck and try to enjoy the long grind to the top!

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