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    Colonel Byron PW Bot

    This is the beta release of PWBot for Perfect World International written on AutoIt by Colonel Byron

    • Start Bot
    • For 1st time:
      • Close BoT
      • Edit the configuration file in the ConfigCustom directory
    • Farming:
      • Open Farming windows using the Menu item.
      • Default Radius is 50m, which is pretty short. It’s about 2 times the range of normal spells.
      • The Z setting is how far to search upwards and downwards. Usefull for farming in air or avoiding scaling hills while farming
      • Press the Set Anchor Button and it only selects MoBs within the field defined.
      • Press Delete anchor to farm without an Anchor.

    • Multi Client Support - automatically deals with multiple PWI Client Windows. Also allows you to use the BoT on Each PW Window.
    • Supports all types of casting - healing buffs, attack actions etc
    • Autoheal/autopot even when the bot is turned off
    • Configurations can be created and used while running the bot.
    • Window for Monitoring activities
    • Farming options - set and Anchor, radius and height options and walk away.
    • Change pet without restarting Bot
    • Camera Zoom slider
    • Fast Resting by using potions until full Health/Mana
    • Aggro Management for Venomancers.
    • Sends pet to mobs that Add
    • Auto Unfreeze (by PWUnfreeze)

    In Development:
    • Configuration Menu
    • Multiple BoT awareness
    • Blacklisting
    • Escape Function
    • Navigation for Farming Paths and Movement to Vendors
    • Vendor items and resume Farming

    Supports only PW International.
    Author: Colonel Byron ( The MadHatter )

    Virustotal result: clear


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