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    Wink AutoShot, FlyHack, NoRespawn etc. (Functional)

    Hello guys today I came to bring a hacker to Point Blank, I'll be posting a video and making a written tutorial on how to use it, it is not my own and do not know who created him too, he has 6 options are:
    Recoil Reduction
    Anti-Helmet Protection
    Fly Hack
    Fast Weapon Switch
    Fast Reload

    Well I forgot a small detail that is a file called "config" that should be placed within the folder Point Blank.

    [SIZE = 4] [COLOR = "# FF0000"] Written Tutorial [/ COLOR] [/ SIZE]

    1st PB Open normally and let the launcher;
    2nd Open Mendes as Administrator and put it in manual mode;
    3 ° In the DLL search Mendes "Auto-Shot V3 (INI CONFIG)";
    4 ° Click play on the launcher PB and when the loading screen (in before the login screen) minimize the PB;
    5 ° Click "Inject DLL (S) Now (Manual Mode) in Mendes;
    6 ° Ira display a window showing the DLL has been injected successfully opened your browser and 3 new tabs, you can close them;
    7th Now just log in and enjoy.

    Well most are automatic only fly hack not to fly is to hold "Space" but not fly for more than 5 seconds or will be caught by Xtrap.
    Sorry for the English Google translator, I have helped.

    Contains virus but I will say that it is not malicious and is why I do not know, here hear no defect.


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    Is missing the link to the download

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