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    DICAS DE COMO UPAR - Tips on leveling

    Hello guys I will give some tip
    Mainly pros Newbies

    Tip 1

    If you have cash and want upa anyway fassa the following.

    Buy the seguinter items:

    +50% Exp
    +30% Exp
    Character cash (+20% exp)
    Weapons of gold (aug.g) (+ 10%)

    You will adiquirir + 110% exp more than double.

    Now I created a room with the following settings.

    Mode: Suppression
    Time: 3 minutes
    Round: Round 3
    Map: crackdown

    Call +3 friends expect the auction room and stay 4x4, do a good freg as 6/3 you will win 230 of the total 510 exp.


    After 10minutes tera gained about 2,000 exp
    In 1 hour about 15 mil exp

    Tip 2

    If you do not have cash and want upa quickly create a room with the following settings.

    Mode: Sabotage
    Round: 3
    disable balancing
    Call a 7 friends.

    Expect the room is 8x5 or 8x8

    Now vain all up with the helicopter you will get about 300 exp in 3 minutes.


    1000 exp in 10 minutes
    6,000 of exp in 1 hour.

    Tip 3

    Create a room in dino mode with a friend

    Mode: Dino

    Keep moving as much as possible by portal dino in 10 minutes.


    10 minutes = 320 exp
    1 hour = 3000 exp

    Hope you enjoy !!
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