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    Question Beginning Programmer

    Okay, so I've been player Perfect World International for some time, and I'm wondering what the exact boundaries of the game and our end of programming can do. I am aware that we can write auto scripts, but what else can we do? Is there potential to do malicious things such as hacking people's passwords or simply taking the items in their bank accounts (in-game that is), or what on the lighter end? Are we able to make bosses look different (seeming PWI makes has only about 50 boss models), but yet make them function the same way? I guess I'm curious as to how far people could go in the game, between subtle and drastic programming.

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    Mano think you can do a lot, yes, but I am not a programmer so looking at the level of the topics that this forum must believe it can. but the idea of invading account players think it is not a good idea.
    Let's suck and fraud to the maximum, using all the bugs and glitches in the servers. But players and ****, I do not think a good
    Mano acho que você pode fazer muita coisa sim,nao sou programador mas so de olhar o nivel dos topicos que este forum tem acredito que pode. mas a ideia de invadir conta de jogadores acho que nao e uma boa ideia.
    Vamos sugar e burla ao maximo,usar todos os bugs e falhas nos servidores. Mas os jogadores e foda, não acho uma boa

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