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    [Request] The Great Merchant (Hack?)

    The Great Merchant
    This game is quite interesting. Please take a look.

    Welcome to the Great Merchant, Enjoy Great Merchant World.

    Minimum - Pentium II 400MHz (Pentium II 600MHz recommended)
    Graphics - Direct X compatible video card
    Audio - Direct X compatible sound card
    Memory - 128MB (256MB recommended)
    OS - Window 98SE / ME/ 2000 / XP / Vista, DirectX 8.0a
    Controller - Mouse and Keyboard
    HDD - 2GB free hard disk space or higher (3GB recommended)
    Modem(33,600bps or Higher), LAN, ADSL. Internet access is required.

    Game Name: Great Merchant
    Version: 21610
    Publisher: AK Interactive
    Developer: AK Interactive
    Groups: MMORPG
    Categories: 2D TopView, Action, Adventure, F2P, Fantasy, Free to Play, MMORPG, Role Playing Game, RPG, Side Scrolling, Skill Based, Solo Play, Tactical, Team-Based, Top-Bottom View
    Release Date: 2009

    This game is trading based game. Because there's a trading system that maybe different from another trading games. You can selling items from town to town if you want to be a merchant. Or you can do quest if you want to be a warrior.
    Systems in game:
    1. Experience Level, gained from quest or killing monsters.
    2. Credit Level, gained from quest or selling items.

    Download the client from the web.

    Q: Can I buy mercenaries from another country?
    A: No, you can't. But you can ask people from that country to buy it for you.

    Q: Can I promote foreign mercenaries to be my general?
    A: No!!!! You just can promote mercenaries from your own country. (whatta greedy )

    Q: Help!! I can't promote my mercenaries!!
    A: Please check: 1. Do your mercenary belongs to your country? 2. Do your mercenary reach the level requirements? 3. Did your mercenary kill at least 1 monster?

    Q: How to increase my credit level?
    A: There are two ways. 1. Quest, quest, quest, and quest. 2. Do buy and sell in store, everyday in game.

    Q: It's hard to level up. Anyone can help?
    A: It's easy. Just finish the early quest and you will be given a letter. With that, you may have 1 general from your country.

    Q: Where's Mt. Datun?? Where's Exchange?? And where's bla bla bla..... ??
    A: Press "M" for mini map. Press "M" again for world map. Press "R" for world map so you don't need to press M twice.

    Q: I want to switch my country. How do i get Naturalization Paper?
    A: That's mall item. You can buy it from Item Mall using paypal.

    This game spend money a lot. Cuz i'm a student, can someone teach me how to do a little hack with this game? or making bot? I appreciate all help for me.
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    Oo chinese game, i'll take a look.

    Edit: Nvm, this game is weird i don't even know whats going on + xtrap's version is pretty advanced.
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    yep chinese game
    on the past version, my friend told me if they was using Kernel Detective to bypass the xtrap. but now the KD is detectable. any ideas? i have poor knowledge in hacking.. noob me

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