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Thread: -AsD- Team 1.5

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    Post -AsD- Team 1.5

    Current Status : Working and undetected with the last patch
    Last S4L Patch date : December 14, 2011
    Last Hack update : December 28, 2011 (version 1.5)
    Work in :Win7(x86),Win7(x64),[Others not tested]


    How to use:
    Open "Launcher trainer.exe"
    Select "-Asd-team trainer 32/64bits"
    Select the hacks
    Open S4


    Auto Update

    Weapon Hack:
    Munizion inf= Infinite ammo
    Multi Hit = 1 hit is 50 hits
    1 Hit Kill = 1 hit kill
    Negative Damage Hack = Healing your enemies
    Damage x2/x3/x4 = Your damage will be multiplied by x2 or x3 or x4
    Sentry Range = Disabled
    Hit Range = Hits far
    Wall Shoot = Shoot through the walls

    Player Hack:
    200Hp = 200Hp
    God Mode = Never Dies
    Sp Refil = Sp is recharged quickly
    Inf sp =Infinite sp
    Dodge Speed ​​= Your Dodge is fast
    Dodge Slow= Your Dodge is slow
    Dodge Range = The range of your dodge is greater
    Hack Cam = Still camera
    Speed Hack = Run fast

    Room Hacks:
    Room Crasher = Disabled
    Ego Fumbi = Only you take the Fumbi
    No Reset = The ball is´nt reset
    Ego Fumbi = No master grabs the ball

    Skill Hacks:
    Hack Block = Disabled
    Block delay = The walls immediately
    Hp Block = walls are indestructible
    Block inv = walls are invisible
    Block Time = The walls have a lifetime

    Virus Total:Click Here

    Download:Click Here
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