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    Smile A few address and mods to help you with bonetown

    Ok, so if you play bonetown you may want to customize you character to your liking,
    so here are a few addresses ive come across which may help you.

    To open your save file type in the windows search bar '%APPDATA%' then click 'Roaming',
    'Bonetown' and then 'savegames' folder make sure you create a copy of the save before editing.

    P.S When editing the profile you may notice a few times that lots a random symbols occurred
    instead of figures to fix this complete a mission and check again, if you have completed
    the game the symbols should not be there at all.

    When you complete the game your character turns massive, I don't really like that, to
    make him smaller find 'GameCharCGMorphWeights' you can experiment with these values
    but ive got a few values you may like: '0.300000 0.000000 0.350000 0.350000' or
    '0.400000 0.000000 0.300000 0.300000'

    You can also change amount of drug the save has by finding 'GameCharCGDrug' my values are "beer_data,999;whiskey_data,999;GoldenBong_data,99 9;shroom_data,999;peyote_data,999;toad_data,999;cr ack_data,999;"

    The characters ball level is important for the hot chick classes i had the sex buff at 99 but the ball
    level was 3 and the girl orgasm bar would not go up so be sure the ball level is 10 any higher than
    10 will not work, to set this value find 'GameCharBallLevel'

    Theres also a console mod where you can put cheat codes in to open the console press shift + ~ while in game,
    if you cant open the console with shift + ~ then try shift + ¬ the key is usually located under the Esc key
    The console mod I found was where you can set the sex and fight buff e.g. "gamechar.setFightBuff(99);" you can set the number in the brackets to any value you want not sure how high it goes and the other buff is
    gamechar.setsexBuff(99); again can set the value to anything you want.

    I hope you have fun with these new mods

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