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    HOT (Heroes of Thessalonica) -- Binaries of Client and Server with Databases.

    @Dwar My apologies my friend for using RaGEZONE names through out this post. They normally house this type of code, I just want to share it here as well. I hope your doing very well.

    Should mention somewhere, the original game title: Heroes of Thessalonica

    This post is migrated from the source code thread. Further discussion regarding binaries will be continued here. I will not be discussing source code.
    The link to the original posts that I've made in another thread are here:
    Start of posts for my: HOT Online Server & Client Binaries with Databases (Since mine and the OP of that thread are separate, I'm separating them)

    Separating this from the mentioning of "source code" thread. I cannot release source code legally, so I've made binaries available. Extremely fair for both sides.

    Do Not re-upload my files or pass them on other sites. I'm registered and highly well known in several dozen countries. It'd be a shame if I quit working on this because someone doesn't believe me.

    I've packaged the Server and Client Binaries (Not the source) along with the Databases.
    Approximately 6+ GB unpacked.

    The binaries inside the Server sub folders are configured to use as the server I.P.
    You want to change it, please look through other posts to find out how.

    First install the Databases as outlined in the videos at the bottom of this post.

    Second, inside the Server folder: You need to double click application_manager.exe (Its window pops up, this is the primary hub for all the console apps). Start at the top of the list (shows on the left side), double click (very important) each name on left followed by the "start" button on the right top side, then work your way through ALL 13 console apps.

    ***Note Server console apps***
    You will have to allow the FireWall exceptions (plural, each of the 13 apps have one).
    Even if your running locally.

    Finally, inside the Client folder: You need only double click on Client.exe

    If you modify .slk files Server side, you must place the modified .slk files in the appropriate folder in the Client in order for it to work properly. This will be important if your changing your own quest rewards and pricing.

    The following are case sensitive:
    The primary login to the databases (Both MySQL and MSSQL) will be --> ragezone password --> 123456
    Primary game account user --> ragezone password --> a12345
    Secondary game account user --> ragezone2 password --> a12345

    ***You will find videos on how to add ragezone with password 123456 to the MSSQL and MySQL database login users in the post directly following this one. (It will not allow 4 videos per post, so I've split them to make it easier to follow)***

    MSSQL Installation of the Databases

    MySQL Installation of the Databases

    Forgive the volume, crap microphone made the volume fluctuate but not so bad you can't hear it.

    Create user in SQL Server 2008 R2

    MySQL Creating your database user name and giving permissions (You'll follow the video and give ALL ALL (or) specific database.* with ALL permissions to user name: ragezone The video will be helpful)
    Lullabot and her very well documented video on using MySQL from the command prompt.

    MSSQL and MySQL login account validation for user ragezone password 123456

    Proof of Concept Available
    Proof of concept and Fast character loading video on YouTube embedded below.

    215 MB 1080 HD video showing starting the client, logging in, running around, using a mount. I mean what else do you want? Watch it for yourself.

    Class Name and ID for player types.
    Rogue = 0
    Holy Avenger = 1
    Archer = 2
    Magus = 3
    Priest = 4
    Vanquisher = 5

    Uploaded a video on the basics of these .slk files and a wee bit on quests. At 10 minutes it cut me off and I'm too tired to keep creating videos tonight. Hopefully it will be useful as it also shows a bit about quests.

    Basic SLK Edit

    Create Md5 Password and New Account for HoT video on YouTube
    So I've created a video on adding a new account using the following information:
    Go to MD5, MD5 Encryption, Free MD5 Encryptor, Security, MD5 Hash, MD5 Security.
    To create your Md5 hash passwords.
    In the video I use the following user name and password:
    username ragezone3
    password RaGEZONE
    which RaGEZONE in Md5 Hash is: 9ef8380eb3deb03d5681566439f89a91

    This wont work properly with other clients, so unfortunately for both you and me, I've got to upload it and you've got to download it.

    There are still starter items not correct for a few classes (Within a few minutes of starting you'll have heal pots if you want to play a character that does not have starting gear. This is only for the initial 5 minutes or so of game play, so no biggie.), some quest rewards are obviously incorrect (mostly on the rogue, but others have a couple), the very first few quests are in Chinese still (I'm sure you can ignore that or fix it yourself), I've not put the cash shop together yet either.

    I'm sure there are other things but they are all minor scripting or .slk file modifications (which you can open in excel spreadsheet, just saying).

    MediaFire Links
    CLICK HERE. This is My_Folder for this project. Client, Server, and Database files are uploaded.

    You may have to login to your own MediaFire account and copy the files to your personal folders to download them.

    Ignore it saying broken, they're not, they are however multi-piece files so she'll complain about it. You may have to login to your own MediaFire account and copy the files to your personal folders to download them. We all know how MediaFire gets with multi-part zip files and her whining message about having to download it from your own account. This means, create a Free account and copy all the files in My folder to Your folder and download 1 link at a time (You can do this with multiple files, but they have to be opened individually) from your Free account.
    This works folks.

    This runs perfectly on Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP (Any), Windows Server 2008. I have not tested this on my Windows Server 2003. I do not have Windows Vista (not a fan) so I cannot test this one. I have not tested this on any of my half dozen *nix servers (have not compiled for WineHQ nor have I the time, sorry) here at the house. If it works on either of those 2 please post a response so I can update this portion so people know what OS's this will work on.

    Quote Originally Posted by holchan View Post
    Need ODBC?
    Connecting to Server> Client is very slow. Slow to load characters and Disconnect upon entering the game.

    Create a new account, you must restart the server.
    1. No ODBC. Didn't mention it, obviously I was thorough.

    2. Well, if your system cannot handle the client "unpacked" while running the server, you'll need to wait until I release the packer itself. As you can see here, zasmqniq
    Quote Originally Posted by zasmqniq View Post
    Yeah I Tested it here working actually pretty fine !
    3. Mentioned to search for other things...To complain about restarting a "single service" when you already figured it out? Get real man.
    [Release] Heroes of Thessalonica Files / Client English! - Page 9 - RaGEZONE forums
    Quote Originally Posted by rogan12 View Post
    That's why you start kill.bat....

    Look inside it :

    @ECHO off
    Title AccountServer Restarter
    echo "Killing Server"
    TASKKILL /T /IM newaccount_server.exe
    echo "Killed"
    echo "Sleeping for 300 seconds"
    choice /T 300 /C X /D X /N > NUL
    goto :top

    Got it ?

    You could use the info from rogan12's reply (create the .bat file manually and need pskill.exe I've added them as an attachment). Or You could just "restart" the Account_Server service (only one needed to restart after creating a new account). Or You could create the account and then start the server...

    BloodHunters had asked if there was a working "Map_Editor".
    There is and I'm attaching it here. Drop it into the Clients main folder, double click Map_Editor.exe, click the "F" for file at the top left the find the choice with "O" for open, a sample location (Client\data\world\map001\map001_0_0). This program is in Chinese. I'll see if I cannot work it into the modified code as time moves forward.
    It will be found in my MediaFire folder of downloadable content OR you can download it directly here:

    I know someone will ask or maybe doesn't know that opening 7-zip and the first of the pieces for either the Client or the Server (which would be the part ending in *.zip.001)... It may not auto-open by double clicking, either associate it with 7-zip or open 7-zip first and use it to find/open the first piece for each.

    Special thank you to holchan on ragezone and witawat on programercity. I noticed the post here and again there on RaGEZONE. After researching an answer to the question can it be compiled in VS2008 or VS2010, I thought I'd give it a run for the money.
    I cannot release updated source, as this requires 3rd Party source code that is legally bound by corporations that would otherwise be unhappy, so Binaries it is.
    holchan's post is here --> [Release] HOT Online full source code - RaGEZONE forums
    witawat's post is here -->

    Database: Part 1 Available (Complete)
    Server: Part 1, 2, 3 Available (Complete)
    Client: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Available (Complete)

    I'm hoping to get people interested enough that they dig through these two posts that contain the "original / unmodified" source code or use the following 2 links which are the "unmodified / original" source code. I will not be releasing my source code. If you'd like to help make one dead MMO come to life with future content modifications or go off on your own from the source code links provided or even these binaries. Just something to do to bring the game back to life.
    holchan's post is here --> [Release] HOT Online full source code - RaGEZONE forums
    witawat's post is here -->

    Make sure to click "Like" and say "Thank you".

    Any complaints from anyone... look for your toilet bowl, open the lid, drop inside, flush twice for good measure.

    EDIT: Just a note. I will be continuing to add corrections as they are created, updating the primary post.
    This uses approximately 3 GB RAM to run MSSQL, MySQL, Application_Manager (with all 13 console apps), and the Client.

    Please register or login to download attachments.

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    I very much interested in your textbook.
    Tell me, will you add it?
    Will it translate into English map_editor?
    Just interests me is it possible to edit the text of the game. Since I would like to translate the game into Russian.

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